Open for Commissions! by Ransom (critique requested)

Open for Commissions! (critique requested)


25 May 2017 at 18:18:33 MDT

I just finished my previous queue, and I gotta raise a few hundred bucks ASAP, so here's my updated commission guide!

I'm open to a variety of subject matters*, though my strengths lie in realism and macro/micro! Payment is done through PayPal upfront. If you would like to secure a slot or have got any questions, please feel free to comment, note me here, or send a direct message on Twitter.

*NSFW is okay! However, I won't draw animal genetalia, diapers, digestion, hard vore, scat/gas, underage characters in festishy/sexual situations, watersports, or zoophilia. If you're curious about anything else, please go ahead and ask!

Slot 1: Abel
Slot 2: Open
Slot 3: Open
Slot 4: Open
Slot 5: Open

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    Ack! I have been hoping you'd open soon but I just asked for something and won't be looking again for another couple weeks.

    I'll try to get you on the next go-around and meanwhile I've retweeted you so hopefully you get your slots filled!

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      I really appreciate both the interest and the retweet! Shoot me a message any time, Levi.

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    I noticed an error on this image, I'm sure you'll catch it as well, anyway, I might hit you up once I get some funds in June ;-)