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Airborne by Ransom (critique requested)

Airborne (critique requested)


5 March 2017 at 14:12:14 MST

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A commission for Ozawk Ozawk. I forgot how much of a challenge winged characters could be, especially when they have patterning like an osprey!


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    Looks great, but since you asked for critique, I'll give this one: the legs could use some more detailing, they look too simple I believe.

    Still, great job!

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      Thanks for the compliment and critique! I'll keep that in mind for future paintings.

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    Ransom !!!!!!!! Wow !! This is really good. The tight detailing on the character's face and upper body are wonderful. I also love how you played with the light source in that area, as well. It looks nice and bright there. :D The eye detail is also super excellent here. I can't stop starting at his eye~
    As far as critique is concerned, I would suggest pushing a similar level of detail on the lower body as well, starting right below the chest. The brush strokes look a bit too rough there (esp on both thighs)
    I also recommend smoothing out the clouds in the background. The rough edges there distract the eye away from the character.

    I also agree that the legs themselves could use a bit more scale detailing. And the character's head could stand to be sized down just a touch - It looks just a little too big for the body.
    Last (but not least), I think some improvement would be had with one more light source that would cast a soft glow onto the very dark area of his character's wing/their back in general. That would give the character more of a three dimensional feel.

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      Thank you for the thorough critique, Song! I appreciate the compliments and criticism together. You're really sweet.

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        You've always given me the best and most useful critique ever, as well as been very uplifting and inspiring. I'm usually not good with critique, so I'm super happy I was able to put together a more useful one for ya >w< <3