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Ransom on Patreon


30 January 2017 at 15:23:39 MST

I’m now on Patreon!

Do you like my work? Wanna see me even better art? Want some bonus goodies? I’m now using Patreon to raise funds for education and art supplies!

I’ll still be uploading paintings to my usual galleries of Fur Affinity, Tumblr, Twitter, and Weasyl, but Patreon is going to get that and more. Each painting is going to be uploaded to Patreon a much higher resolution — usually twice as large, or even bigger. (Hear that, macro fans? Even bigger furries!)

Wanna see how I make my art? You’ll also get work-in-progress shots and animations, and top patrons can get their hands on the Photoshop files. Check out the progress images and break the image apart layer by layer. Each Photoshop file is well-organized, its layers sorted into folders, coloured, and labeled; you’re not gonna have to sort through a cluster of layers named “Layer 1″ through “Layer 500.”

There is no “tip jar” tier — every patron gets something, even the $1 supporters. I already have a handful of free samples online, and patrons will get immediate access to other recent paintings, plus every painting that’s to come.

Click here to check out the example work. Thank you for any support! I look forward to creating even better art for everyone!

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