Hei hei! I'm Random or Randy, but you can call me Sunny as well c:

I'm not super active on this account anymore, but you can always check out my YouTube for my music and voice acting!

I mainly do auditions for YouTube animation series (and a few crack videos as well, where I scream into the mic for views), and you'll also catch me uploading game/ambient music. I may also get back into visual arts and photography, but for now this account is like an archive of what I used to do in that department

It's very nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by :D

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[Reaches Out From The Void] It's Been 5 Years... (Inactive Account)

on 2 November 2020 at 09:41:13 MST

Hei hei doods! Where do I even start? The best thing would be for me to apologise for just ditching this account without warning to any of you. I also have to apologise for 'officially' making this account inactive after all this time, but you can read my journals on Deviantart or Furaffinity to get up to speed on my life

So what happens to this account? I'll likely not submit anything from this point on, mainly because Weasyl has been a little tough for me to get traction and with me already focusing on YouTube (and now back to Deviantart and Furaffinity) I don't want to add a fourth site into the mix. Plus, most of you already have one or the other, so you can always follow me there if you'd like! My YouTube (found in my profile) is the most active site, though, and you can see my most recent voice acting and music over yonder

This doesn't mean that I'm disabling this account. I want to keep it up for archival purposes, and there are still artwork and comments I want to check out. You're also free to update me on your life, I'd like to hear from you guys if you remember me!

But for now, this is officially goodbye. Once again, I apologise for prolonging this. Have a great day, and keep safe ^^

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    Hallo! :D

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      Woohoo! You acknowledged my violent stalking! Hello to you too! ^^

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    Thanks for watching me back. :3

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      Gah! You stole my shout virginity too D: