Hello everyone! My (artist) name is Random or Randy ^^

I'm an amateur musician who specialises in digital music and piano. My piano skills have been left alone for some time, but I'm slowly working on rebuilding them. Two of my piano videos can be viewed here.

I'm also an aspiring voice actor. I love the auditioning process and figuring out which voices suit which character. My auditions for other series and a few crack videos parodies can be found here and here.

To top it all off, I'm also interested in photography: I love capturing interesting/artistic subjects from my travels and I also like bringing out ideas I have in my head via the camera.

It's nice to meet you c:

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on 1 November 2015 at 18:42:28 MST

Hello my eight followers C: Hope you've been doing well. It's been a while, hasn't it? The last time I submitted something here was in April, so I guess I have a lot of things to update on:

  • I finished a school term. An entire school term without uploading anything here, oh my o:
  • I didn't too well during the school term. I failed by 2%
  • Now I'm on a work term looking at construction drawings all day. It's such torturous fulfilling work
  • I got about two months left till the next school term, if I don't repeat the term
  • If my petition doesn't work, I'll have to repeat the term and I'll be left a year behind
  • No worries, though! It gives me time to work on my procrastination habits, motivation issues, etc. It also gives me time to art!

Now for the art site updates:

  • I've finally finished this little trade I've been working on and it's four months overdue but it's finally done and YASSSSSS
  • I've made myself a new Youtube! I'll mainly be posting voice acting stuff there but also videos that show the notes used in my music c:

That's it for now. Take care! Feel free to update me with your lives as well, I'd love to hear from you. ^^

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