aint no rest for the wicked by RandiSwaggerz

aint no rest for the wicked


27 November 2015 at 13:26:28 MST

so lately i've been hearing voices (i'm not schizophrenic, audible hallucinations can also be linked with disassociation and depression) and basically they're not malicious or self-harming, they're just kinda assholes

i've never heard voices in my life, but these ones toy w/ me mostly when i'm trying to sleep, it usually sounds like a lot of hushed whispers, like a crowded room trying to keep quiet, and right when i'm on the brink of sleep a sharp voice will harshly whisper something right in my ear, usually my name or "WAKE UP". once i'm jolted back into (barely) consciousness they snicker at me and wait for it to happen again. one of them sounds a lot like my mother, which i know isn't actually her calling me because i live alone (i live with my brother and his kids but i sleep when they're at school/work).

it scared me at first but after looking into auditory hallucinations and how it's surprisingly common, i've come to peace with it. no harm done, except for lack of sleep.