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MamaRamzyuu - Story by ramzyuu

Foreward:Think of Mama’s story as an alternate beginning, a divergent plotline, a parallel history… from my main character Ramzyuu. It’s an elaborate “What if…” scenario that spawned its own entire plotline. Mama may have begun as a silly joke, but has developed into a character of her own thanks to the love she receives from her adoring fans. Thank you everyone, and enjoy her story!********************Temple Grounds - on the floating Sky Isle, sovereign domain of the Sky Dragon Clan"…So, you're really leaving for Gaia below?" asked the elder sky dragon, with a hint of understanding tempering the obvious disappointment in his voice. "Yeah," came her response, soft and musical, with the slightest flavoring of southern belle to it. "This kinda lifestyle's not for me…" "Before you do, promise me… Though you will no longer follow our clan's teachings, I want you to pursue something, anything, with passion… excel in it and love it with all your heart." An expression of puzzlement crossed her face for a moment. Then as if as light bulb had gone off in her head, she bounced excitedly on her toes and declared, "Cooking! That’s it. Y’know I already wield a frying pan like a pro." The elder allowed himself a subtle grin and nodded, "That'll do."

******************** The adolescent sky dragon felt deeply out of place. The boys and their pastimes, they didn't interest him very much… Oh, they were pleasant company in an odd way, and he found some of them… Cute, for no other word adequately described it. But he wasn't all that interested in the elder’s martial arts lessons, boys games, or the things they talked about. He liked to be with the girl sky dragons, who welcomed him into their circle after the initial awkwardness of a male joining their group had passed. He enjoyed playing, talking, and gossiping with them, even trying on their accessories and letting them braid his hair… but when puberty’s influence rudely seized hold of their lives, their budding breasts and widening hips served as a solemn reminder that he was different from they, physically, at least. Early one morning he'd gone down to retrieve his clothes from the laundry room when he noticed a stack of girls' tribal uniforms on the counter, neatly pressed and clean, ready to be picked up by their wearers. He furtively looked about the room, down the hallway… no one was there, and surely they wouldn't notice just one uniform gone missing… He checked the sizes, snatched one up and stuffed it under the boys' clothes in his bag and ducked out of the laundry room. Brimming with excitement, he scurried upstairs to his dormitory room and locked the door. There he posed before of the mirror, slipping on the girls uniform slowly and deliberately, relishing the feeling of feminine fabric sliding over his masculine figure. He gave himself a long stare in the mirror and then sighed deeply. At long last he felt comfortable, natural, at peace with himself. He stuffed the top halter with a washcloth, posed, danced about the room in the uniform, wishing, praying for it to become real some day. As if by nature, that wish soon came true. As he aged, his body slowly started began going through curious changes atypical of a male. The feminine feelings he’d always been subject to intensified to the point where he could hardly bear putting on a boys uniform each morning. But even more curious were the sudden physical changes. What was once a flat chest of skin and bone had softened into plush, dish-shaped mounds, at least A-cups by the time he really noticed. His hips widened, thighs thickened and his figure took on a distinctly female curvature. His lonely masculine parts seemed to rebel against all the feminine developments, swelling to an above-average, healthy size and shape. Embarrassed, shy, and afraid that his peers would assume he’d taken some drugs or potions to get the effects, he decided to hide it until he could fully understand what was happening. He'd substitute his boys uniform with an acceptable (though certainly outmoded in student fashion) male acolyte robe a few sizes too large to conceal his changing body. It fooled his peers well enough, but the elders’ careful gaze had noticed fleeting glances of femininity making themselves known on rare occasions. They quietly decided to let the thing run its course, and to provide encouragement to the young dragon by weaving subliminal messages throughout their daily lectures. Perhaps it was just a temporary hormonal thing, he thought. It wasn’t. The changes continued at an accelerated pace, and he knew he could not hide this for very much longer, regardless of the consequences. An opportunity finally presented itself: the annual youth costume party. It was a perfect, perhaps the only, chance to make a grand debut in the female sky dragon clothes, like a testing ground to gauge everyone’s reactions to seeing him dressed as a girl... He had faith that the elder dragons would help him, no matter what happened. He paced about in his room in the clothes, took one last, long look in the mirror, held in a deep breath and walked out of the safety of his dorm room.... The sky dragon boys gawked in sheer astonishment upon his entry into the ballroom; they hardly even recognized him at first. Here was the effeminate, shy friend they had always known, but now beautiful and sexy, with perfectly natural breasts that were slightly larger than any of the other girls’. They had not seen the shape of his male figure in quite some time, such a shocking contrast it was to behold the glorious feminine curves after the cocoon had been cast off. He’d let his pretty blond hair loose and free, cascading about his face. They thought him legitimately hot, just as they would one of the other girls.The sky dragon girls were even more baffled, jealous even… Some of them turned away and gossiped, but most were cautiously welcoming. Eventually all of them were won over by the newfound charms of this mysterious boy-now-girl. She was so friendly, so affectionate, now so comfortable with herself, walking about, dancing with them, laughing and talking. The shyness had evaporated. She'd become so loving, caring, doting and affectionate that they'd nicknamed her "Mama" . . . The name stuck. The elders watched these developments with intense interest. Sky dragon societies tend to view changes with observant curiosity and reserve their judgment until a more complete understanding is achieved. Where a human might naturally revolt against something so unexpected, a sky dragon would see it as an opportunity to acquire knowledge. Clearly, this hadn't been planned - perhaps it was a glitch in this hybrid's genetic makeup, but it was not something in need of correction, for according to one of their axioms, It is better to flow along harmoniously with nature, for those who strive against it are crushed before its inexorable march forward. Therefore, this was to be encouraged, embraced, studied and celebrated. Now, a complete understanding had been achieved: the feminine tendencies were merely a precursor to this, now she had simply blossomed into something complete. This hybrid's new life would be most interesting. Years later, Mama went down to Gaia’s surface and settled near a big city to pursue her dreams. Culinary school bored her, as her natural cooking talents surpassed even that of her instructors. The roadside diner she worked at had earned a reputation for unbelievably delicious food (which she frequently indulged in herself, pushing out those already impressive feminine curves to even more bountiful proportions). She soon took over ownership of the diner where it continues to attract guests from around the world, for both its food and its owner. And that, dear reader, is where you step in, to the smell of coffee, cinnamon and maple syrup, to an enthusiastic welcome from an impressively well-endowed sky dragon lady behind the counter…

MamaRamzyuu - Story


14 April 2013 at 23:36:25 MDT

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