[COM] Tvorsk,Lightning and Rock and Roll by RamTheDragon

[COM] Tvorsk,Lightning and Rock and Roll


28 January 2015 at 04:49:20 MST

Commission for   lightning1109 and   tvorsk of the former being exposed to different tastes of music by the latter. Quite the experience!

This was a really fun project! Especially since as always I decided to over complicate it making a big crowd, and needed people to fill it! So we have amongst the ruckus:

-Ouro (belongs to   whitewolftailedbrit)
-  pontos
-  vengencemkii
-  seldenls
-  furrfox &   salone
-  mixer1981

  • Yours Truly (  ramthedragon) and the Cat face (  kendrickj)
  • And the metal as heck wolf dude in the front is Caine (belongs to Ken as well)
  • And a lizard and a bird in the back which are random WOOP