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[COM] Art Class With Le Tigre by RamTheDragon

[COM] Art Class With Le Tigre


3 April 2014 at 15:14:46 MDT

I am SOOOO happy I can finally post this, you guys have no clue, I had so much fun making this. There is a certain thing about messing about with group pictures that is just massively enjoyable.

So the fantastic   eltigero commissioned me for a watcher appreciation picture and here it is, introducing:

  •   d0ggy being especially naughty and vandalizing poor
  •   jackvanguard's beautiful stick figure tiger.
  •   jorinda impressing everyone with her hidden art skillzors
  •   suyuki going for a more impressionist design
  •   maho-gato fingerpainting of course!
  •   khirahl and   dark-lightwolf paying a little too close attention to the model's rear
  •   silvanuswolff trying to get those pesky proportions right
  •   kitt-n-valentine applying juuust a bit too much pressure
  •   tassar trying her hand at cubism

Thank you for the commission, I had a blast!