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Just a friendly creative otter fur with a passion for art, videogames, and stories.

Currently I’m trying to become a full-time artist and comics creator. If you like my work, please consider supporting me via Ko-Fi:


Thanks and have a great day!

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Commissions Terms of Service

Commissions Terms of Service

June 22, 2022

These are the terms of service for commissioning artwork from the Furry/Anthropomorphic Artist “Rale the Otter”(“Rale”), as of the date of listed above. By requesting a commission for me, you agree to these terms of service.

All of my artwork for commissions is done digitally. You will not receive any physical pieces of artwork by commissioning me. You understand and agree to this as part of the terms of service.


While I am open to drawing a variety of content, there are some kinks/fetishes and other exceptions I will not draw:
-Underage anthro children in adult situations or nude (cub)
-Castration or extreme violence/gore to sexual organs
-Hateful or insensitive themes towards any group or individual

In mature/adult art involving multiple characters, where the character is someone else’s fursona or does not belong specifically to you, I’ll need approval from them to use their character or that you’ve had art with them before or they have you listed on their page.

Commissions will generally include simple backgrounds for setting/storytelling purposes. More complex or elaborate backgrounds may cost additional fees.

For any additional information or questions, or for something that you’re interested in that is not listed here (If, for instance, it is content I hadn’t thought of or know about), please feel free to send me a note or pm me your question/concern.


If commissioning me for mature/adult artwork, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view such material (18 or 21, depending on the laws of your residence) and release me of any liability.


Payments are processed through PayPal or via digital invoice. Payment for Sketch Commissions to be paid up-front, all other Commissions to be paid after initial sketch/rough is complete and you have approved of the drawing. Your approval of the drawing and subsequent payment is verification and approval for me to move on to the next stage of the commissioned artwork.


Commissions are initially on a first come, first serve basis. I will open up a limited number of slots at a time, during which time potential clients can message or note me their interest in obtaining a commission. After responding to their inquiry and approving of their commission content, those slots will be considered close. If, however, the timeframe of a week passes by without payment being remitted at the expected time (to clarify-within a week of my approving of and agreeing to create the commission for sketch commissions, or, for all other commissions, after I’ve completed the initial sketch/rough of the commission, and the client has approved of the sketch and given the go-ahead for the next stage of the commission), that client’s slot will be opened up again, or their commission will temporarily be pushed to the back of the queue.

Once I’ve agreed to a request for a commission, the rest of the process will follow exactly or close to this schedule:

-An email will be sent with information for payment to the client (for Sketch Commissions) and/or requesting any helpful additional descriptions or references of the client’s character or elements specific to the commission’s content.

-Once the initial sketch/rough drawing is completed an email will be sent to the client for their approval. At this time they may request any changes or adjustments. If changes are requested, they will be implemented and a new image sent to the client. Once the client is satisfied and remits payment, I will move on to the next stage, usually inking the lineart.

-Once the lineart is complete, I will send another email of the image. The client may request any minor adjustments they feel may need to be incorporated. If there are adjustments to be made, I will make them then resend the new image for approval. If there are no minor adjustments and the client approves of the lineart image, assuming there is further steps in your particular commission. (i.e. if your commission isn’t for a lineart commission), I will continue on to the next step.

-The rest of the process continues in the same manner as listed above. At each stage I will email you the latest version of the commission. You may then request minor adjustments to the piece, and once you’re satisfied with the work so far, I will move on to the next step.

If a week or more passes after I’ve sent an email with the current WIP of the artwork and you haven not responded, your art will be moved to the bottom of the queue. If a week or more passes after the finalized piece is complete and you have not responded, the assumption will be that the artwork is approved by you and I will go ahead and post it to my online gallery.


If you choose to cancel for any reason, any refunded amount will be up to my discretion, depending on the amount of work I’ve put into the piece.

If I choose to cancel the commission, having not completed it, you will get a full refund, unless the cancellation was due to the behavior or harassment of the client, or due to extended lack of contact from the client.

Regardless of who cancelled the commission. I reserve the right to reuse any artwork done.


By commissioning me, you are paying for my time, materials, and talent to draw your character(s) as requested, not for the rights to the artwork itself. I reserve all rights to my artwork, including use in advertising and posting to my online gallery, etc.

If you are requesting a private commission for yourself or as a gift, and I agree to do the commission. I will agree to not posting the artwork to my online gallery or for any advertising, though I may charge an additional fee, and you must still acknowledge me as creator of the artwork itself.

As the client, you have the right to post the artwork to your gallery, given that you credit me with the creation of the artwork, and are not profiting from the image.

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