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A Farewell to Winter by Tatii Lange by Rakan

A Farewell to Winter by Tatii Lange


He looks up to the heavy clouds beneath the gloomy sky,
wanting to say Farewell to Winter before it passes by.
The werewolf fills the air with his stirring song,
as the hardships of the cold will soon be gone.
Waking up the spirits from their slumber under the snow,
looking forward to the plenitude they will bestow.
The grass and trees that were covered white
slowly shake off their heavy cloak with delight.
The placid song echos far and wide,
breathing new life into the land that almost died.
All creatures will soon know the joys of Spring,
the transformation from frost to life in full swing.

This absolutely breathtaking commission was made by the very talented artist TatiiLange ( ). I guess I don't even need to mention how the background is just gorgeous, my character is amazingly well painted, how the fluffy fur is just beautiful and how it invokes a deep desire to howl along.
If you don't look too closely at the details like the flowers in the foreground, you might be tempted to think that this is a HUGE wolf. But it is just my pretty normal sized werewolf bidding his farewell to the winter and welcoming the spring.