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Werewolf Calendar: February by RavenMadWolf by Rakan

Werewolf Calendar: February by RavenMadWolf


Today is the last day of February, so I want to thank again RavenMadWolf ( ) for this incredible gift that took me completely by surprise. This amazing picture is the Artwork in the "Werewolf Calendar 2021" for February. The calendar was organized by NargilFlameWolf ( ) and only produced in limited quantity, but I did pre-order it already some months ago - without realizing that RavenMadWolf would put my own character into it. I'm just very happy, honored and suprised buy this wonderful present. I have to admit, that I didn't even realize at first that this was my character - I just thought it looked very similar to mine. But since I have a natural colored wolf, I'm used to seeing similar wolves. Only when RavenMadWolf told me, did I truly realize that absolutely every detail is in there and only the eyes are shining more brightly so their light blue is desaturated.
I can not say how honored I am to have my character among so many other amazing werewolf pieces - and actually have it in my bedroom, seeing it on my calendar as I wake up.

Thank you so much, RavenMadWolf <3

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