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On The Hunt by WolfRoad (1k Watcher Raffle) by Rakan

On The Hunt by WolfRoad (1k Watcher Raffle)


21 October 2019 at 11:05:23 MDT

If they stand behind you protect them.
If they stand beside you respect them.
If they stand against you defeat them.

In order to celebrate my 1000th watcher on FA, I held a raffle a few months ago ( ). The lucky winner of the draw was LumpyPotato27 ( ) (who since then moved his account to Skahdryn ( )). Together, we discussed possible ideas and came up with a scene depicting two feral wolves on the hunt in a forest. We also agreed that WolfsRoad ( ) would be a great choice of artist to realize this idea. It took some time to get in contact with WolfRoad, but they took on the project and painted this fantastic artwork.

I'm currently slowly working through the pictures that I need to upload, but I'm particulary happy to get this picture out there and share the result of the raffle with you all. It's also almost the perfect time of the year for this, since the scene shows a really gorgeous autumn forest.

The original submission is there: