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Hello I'm Rajara Bluefire

I'm the Purple Gay Macro Dragonian Stud who likes to be around the cities and those who feel like to be a slave to my paws and my sexuality. I'm on Weasyl as a Muscular Dragonian created by my most sexiest Boyfriend who I attend to get my hands on goes by the name Beta Tyson who made me well my own Dragonian character in which I attend to use for this page. I was born in the United Kingdom and spent most of my life in the United States doing things I never know i could achieve. I've been working out in reality but I would love to gain more or get muscular, even being obese or chubby was an experience but with jobs I've been doing fitness and hoping someday I could get muscular.

I sometimes take a pill that turns me into an obese superchub Hipponian. While Hipponian, I become bisexual and prefer other obese people!

I'm not really an artist but I love to get some artwork of my character.

When I am in a good mood, I love to flex my muscles to those who admire me. Show off my nude form and let someone enjoy my footpaws.

When in a bad mood, or when evil urges take over, I get giant. Becoming a macro and go on a rampage! I destroy building and crush cars and stomp on things with my huge feet! Though, I love doing it. Maybe you will like the sight of my huge paws! Or better yet, I'll grow and transform YOU into a huge macro stud like me and rampage together!

My Boyfriend: SR71BETA

Best of Muscles: Tropicalpanda agroalba Cooner PanScolipede TheTriggs WFA ModemLeolynx JasontheSoulman TheTigress ChocoFoxColin nh63879 Durrn Kalnareff starforge Chapu Krosbar dekei Artizek Kartos Redicnomad Benji

Best of Fatness: ThatFatDrolf AbbyWolfox Khato GrayBlueStudios Jupiter_Jyohti Bloodread Bangabear Gillpanda Twillight JWB Flint_Webber GorixTheHipponian

Best of Macros: ajder Cooner WFA Durrn starforge Dyyor bayte Giganticus Orenthes TripleL RipRoarRex

Fellow Dragonians: SR71BETA MasterFurryX AnimeWolf08 ASTRODYSON DELTA_X3 dragonerd AzzyFox Reilsss GorixTheHipponian

If I'm not responding to your notes or comments I'm either at work 7 days straight or out at the gym, but I'll be coming back to read what you have sent me.

Thank ya and don't run away from me because I will find you and shove you under my feet!



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    Thanks for watching

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    Thank you for watchin and favin! Hope you enjoy my stuff. If you want to talk to me send me a note. ^^

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    yay you been updating!

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    Thanks for the follow! Have a lovely day!

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    Just wanted to say your a cutie ^^

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      why thank you

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    Hi there! How are you doing? =)

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      doing well little guy getting bigger