Hiyas my names Raiz and I suffer from regressive relapse syndrome. Sometimes I'm grown up but often I'm a cub 2 years old. I love anime (Hince my last name) jeeps and classic cars, I'm a musician and an amateur writer. I'm also a fursuiter

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life update thingy

on 11 January 2015 at 11:55:22 MST

So I'm completely moved back in with at my parents house. My lease is up in a few days. It's only temporary. I'm waiting to hear back about that job. In HuntingtonBeach. I'm 100% certain I'm getting the job

they are waiting for the person I'm replacing to let them know when he's going into the army. Should be towards the latter part of this month. My friend whom works there told me he's been telling his boss about me and that they already like me lol

So in February or March I'll be looking to move out that way. So if any one knows some one whom has a room for rent or will in that area direct them my way please.

living with my mom again is gonna be interesting. I'm not gonna tolerate the bullshit and nagging this time around

My youngest brothers happy I'm back tho. He has a gaming and anime buddy again

in other news FC yay. I'm driving my El camino up there. Looking forward to seeing friends and finally getting to meet more furs I've known online for years. Also getting to see my cousin and hang out with her at the con.

that's it for now. Everything is still up in the air. But I'm excited for the big changes that are coming this year

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    Hi Raiz :)

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    I'm more active on FA than on here

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      Me too. I'm using this as a backup lol