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Kimba by RaineOuShine



27 November 2014 at 11:18:41 MST

One of my favorite TV shows. My favorite version is the 60's version, in all honesty.
I got a DVD box-set of Kimba The White Lion during Christmas when I was five and I loved it ever since. My mom told me how Kimba was created before Simba/The Lion King and I was shocked, but accepted it pretty maturely, I might add. I still love both to this day, but Kimba always holds a more special place in my heart.
Tezuka's style of Kimba in the 60's show kind of inspired a bit of my art style today. When I was little, I used to pause the DVD and get tracing paper and trace Speedy or another character--for fun--never to claim as my own. Tracing paper was scarce in my house at the time, so it was fun to mess around with when it was found.
Besides tracing paper, I drew Kimba quite a bit in some of my older sketchbooks too. Most of them mess-ups because I was upset that I couldn't mimic the style, but still good tries and cute otherwise. ^^
This drawing here is an older sketch from last year that's been lying around for a while since I got frustrated with it, but here I continued it and it is finished! Enjoy. ^u^

((Kimba © Tezuka))

((This was sketched in a 0.7mm mechanical pencil and done in Gimp 2.6.))

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