Big Cat Anatomical Study: Cougar by RainbowFoxy

Big Cat Anatomical Study: Cougar


19 May 2018 at 18:27:55 MDT

Here's part of one of my projects I did this last semester: a feline anatomical study for my animal drawing course with Joe Weatherly.

I did a study of a cougar, and I'd never drawn so many cougars in my life. In addition to the diagram portion of the the assignment, we also needed to do separate drawings of heads, constructions, and gestures. Me being super extra and really wanting to learn how to draw these big cats, I did waaaaay more drawings than I needed to, which, although took a lot longer, was absolutely worth it.

You're welcome to use these diagrams for noncommercial study/learning purposes. If redrawing/copying my diagrams, please be sure to credit my work, link back to this submission, and do not profit off redrawn images of my work.

Highly considering starting a Patreon to have a supplemental source of income while I continue my artistic endeavors; work from my animal drawing sketchbook and full resolution versions of my anatomy diagrams would definitely be a part of it. ;) I'd be happy to do tutorials/other anatomy breakdowns on a hypothetical patreon in addition to my regular work, just not sure if anyone would be interested in supporting me on patreon.

Either way, enjoy this particular submission! Anatomical study is my cruel mistress and I love her.
Pencil on paper, edited for clarity and contrast in photoshop.

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