Diner Babes (WIP) by RainbowFoxy

Diner Babes (WIP)


26 March 2017 at 20:48:01 MDT

I figured you guys would really want to see the WIP of this huge, scary ass fundamentals of illustration assignment I'm working on. So far up till this point in development I wouldn't be surprised if I've poured in like 15 hours between thumbnails, planning, refined drawing, etc.

I will be value toning it, printing it, and transferring it to illustration board since the final assignment is a traditional monochromatic acrylic washes piece.

Self insert in the foreground, obviously. ;3

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    Daang this looks like a lot of work already so far setting it up, best of luck to you getting it finished how you like it ;u;

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      I'm scared for my life, its due finished this coming monday and I'm looking at like maybe 20 hours of work //shrieks
      welcome to art school! :D