New Sona Full Sheet WIP by RainbowFoxy

New Sona Full Sheet WIP


23 August 2015 at 17:14:23 MDT

dOOP, uploading here because I am excited about my new sona and want to see what people think.
New fursona, and honestly, I really like the design! Some sort of marbled or platinum fox. No one really knows, the markings are a bit unnatural.

Same character as from here!

I also want to have this up in case people want to draw her, but I don't have the finished ref of her yet. I have tons of pencil doodles of her that i can't wait to make into finished drawings. After this, i have to design a more 'natural' character for my boyfriend, too (might be a bit harder A )

I had the basic design sketched up in graphite pencil without color since a May, if not late April, and its only just recently that I've found the time (or more like shameless self indulgence) to color an ol' sketch from last month when I started with the intention of sketching her up. Surprisingly I am satisfied with the design on first go/coloring.

Although this character will be the new 'me' fursona, that doesn't make Foxy's getting trashed! She will remain a character of mine that I can also relate to nwn But she just didn't feel like the real and authentic 'me' anymore, and I have grown comfortable enough with my body and myself as a person to not feel the need to hide behind an idealized self representation. This character is supposed to resemble me as close as possible; indeed I have that mole on my face, and yes, this is as close to exact as you can get to my current body type/size (I gained weight, oops. mushy mushy curves <3). I might even draw her with my acne, scars, body hair, etc (it doesn't make sense because of the fur, but eh, might be fun :'D )

But yes! Foxy and Berge will still be characters and a TYPE of representation of myself and my boyfriend, but Niki and Alec will be closer to the real deal.

Lemme know what you guys think! nwn

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    Oh how pretty!
    I adore her color scheme, and her markings! She seems complex but in a good way! ❤

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      Thank you! Complex, yet somehow simple is how she feels to me!

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        You're very welcome, and that's precisely what I meant ^-^

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    Oooh, makes me think of the tame syberian foxes. Aka, dogfoxes. :)

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      thats a bit of the approach, tbh! Domestic, yet still a tad bit wild :3
      I've heard of the fox domestication program in Russia, makes me want a pet fox so bad ;o;