-=Rubbah soit=- by Raiku

-=Rubbah soit=-


31 January 2014 at 23:03:28 MST

".....…..in fact, how did you get this on me?"

Goofing off and doodling things (nothing was working and tanukisan showed me some fun squishly squeaky things) so I figured ‘full body rubber suit’ theme was a good idea.

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    "There's no valve, we just inflate YOU!"

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      Hahahahah! +1

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    Really digging how you are doing the shine on this! Especially around the knees. It LOOKS crinkled like it should be.
    Hmmmmm? So eager to find that valve |3c

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      Shine is fuuuuuuuuuun, especially for flats (adds more for things that are wet, sleek, shiny, and gooey and such). It's neat! Hahaha yeah figured I should try an' not be lazy and crinkle the shine/shade so it has a proper look (while I love smooth, I know some things can LOOK smooth but still leave a fine enough ripple on the material to make a bumpy/crinkle thing).

      Hey, it's weird enough -somehow- winding up in a full-body stretchy-but-tight rubber suit, but seeing someone else having a valve on there's and me not having one makes me worry X3

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    Yea the crinkle definitely adds to it- I like that and the smooth glares too.

    Woah..... what if..... the nozzle was separate. And magical. And someone can blow air into the nozzle, from ANYWHERE, without it being attached- and the suit fills up :3c

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      I love doing brighty smooth areas ^^ Tha's the main reason why I like all those rubber/latex/PVC/vinyl suits, they look so dang shiny and pretty ^^ I like stuff that is considered fetish wear for stupid reasons god I'm lame.

      Separate nozzle? Oooooh so voodoo blow up suit? =3c Would this fill the suit or the BODY inside the suit? =3c

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        Hey that's not a stupid reason at all!

        It would fill the suit only...... THIS TIME :3c