Mana, you're (do)NUTS! by Raiku

Mana, you're (do)NUTS!


13 March 2013 at 14:52:11 MDT

Little tubby doodle of manapuddingfox in a donut form eating a donut (not the first, nor last). It was made by a small prod at Mana on Twitter and I figured (I ain't getting the stuff I NEED to do done, why not finish SOMETHING). Does she have a jelly center or a creamy one? Only she knows. ....does eating donuts while being one make you a cannibal? Answer: it makes her fatter so who cares?

Generic pose yeah shut up I know~ I should have made a texture for the pastry area of her but tha' woulda been too much fork in Flash (laaaaaazy).

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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love how this came out! Amazing (\^ w^/) I actually really like the color change (looks more donuty) and shading- I look like a glazed donut! I'm totally filled with cream- but I wouldn't mind being stuffed with jelly either- I love both. Pffff, not "cannibalism" it's "merging"- they are merging into the one true donut being! :D

    Awesome work I love this <3

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      Hehehehe so there can only be ONE donut when you enter a room and there happens to be a box on the table then? =3c Hehehehe I'd love to see you plump up with moooore filling =3c Bet you're delicious and full of SO many calories =9

      Awr it's just a doodle! You know thaaaaat! *hugs*

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        Yes! There can only be oooooooooooone! They think they can show off, but I'll show them! They are nothing and I am everything! You got that right! Why, just my hand will make someone blimp up fat like they had a huge 7 course meal, for 2! And just as long as part of me remains uneaten, I can regenerate *nods*

        *hugs* A NICE doodle! *wags*

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          Hehehehe X3 No wonder people always get greedy with donuts...they're greedy themselves!!! XD Food world Mana sounds like both a feeder AND a glutton =3c

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            Ai! I could just sit on you and make you eat an arm or leg, then I could just regenerate and stuff some donuts into my own belly.

            Sounds like win win to me!

            Food Mana is serious glutton who doesn't care about "weight" X3

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              Hehehehe yeeees =3c I wouldn't mind that! *wiggles*