Oh hi there by Raikita

Oh hi there


20 November 2014 at 11:07:36 MST

First off! They are not a couple. :p

This just randomly popped into my head while I was walking ... to math class.. and I was all OH THIS WOULD LOOK SO ADORABLE.

Anywho :'D I saw some arts with major folding line art detail drawings, you know when there's billions of folds drawn and hair strands ;u; So I tried to do that but then again they are not wearing anything that would have that much folds (I was kinda thinking hmmm maybe with Efiris' clothes but then I was all NO NO NO ERASE ERASE ERASE THOSE LINES) and I can't hair. I just can't hair. I mean I can but no I can't. I'll just treat it like folds. I love folds. I can draw clothing folds all day. I was about to with Sarelle's sleeves but NO NO NO ERASE ERASE THOSE LINES ugh clothing material what is this.

I was actually planning to colour the black parts completely black (like I usually do with Sarelle's hair) but nuuuu Efiris has black fur it would look weird so UGH, see the black filling-in saves me from having to add detail to Sarelle's hair/tail. OH WELL!

ENJOY! <3333

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