Marhoune Fly by Raikita

Marhoune Fly


3 November 2012 at 14:33:42 MDT

I know this embeds links, but this was supposed to be a loop and Youtube doesn't suport that, but I do have it uploaded there:

Ahhh.... this was something I was working on in the summer... in fact this was rendered August 28... yess...

It's unfinished, this was a test, but I just wanted to upload this. ;w; I don't have the time to continue iiit... though the animation part is pretty much finished.. more cloth simulation that's unfinished durhurhurr.

Of course, I've read a few readings on cloth simulations and to prevent penetrations.. my conclusion is that to make this penetrate-less and still have the skin look thin... I'd have to find (or make) a code/program/somethingcan'trememeberword to avoid this... Pixar, I believe it was, had a really in-depth write-up about this, but alas I'm no programmer so I can hardly do anything to copy what they did. xD;;



Blender 2.63

ZBrush 4

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    Very smooth. Good job

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    awesome job!

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    This is incredible! Is there an ideal resolution to view at? It looks super blurry for me.

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      Maybe I'll just change it to the embedded version, but I do have it linked on my description to youtube. Here it is

      ;w; Yeah it is blurry, silly SWF conversions! Try the highest resolution you can on youtube if you can.

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    That is really good! So smooth!!!

    I'm actually looking to go to Milwaukee Art Institute to become a 2D or 3D animator.. ^^ I hope to anyways, my parents want me to go for something "more practical" like a veterinarian.. Not sure yet though! ^^

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      Thank you!

      OOOHH! I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS! I actually had to self teach myself because of that problem. My advice is: DO WHAT YOU WANT. If your passion is an animator, then become one. Honestly, you might end up frustrated in the end if you don't take what you're truly passionate in. *shakes you* @U@

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        -Shaken- xD

        I freakin' love animals, and surgeries have always been interesting to me. :P But ever since I got a DSi with Flipnote Studio, in which you can do 2D animation with, animation has like. Eaten me alive. nwn Shortly later a represenitive came to talk to my art class from the art institutes and oh lawd. Some of his animation example nearly killed me they were so cool.

        I started talking to my mom about becoming one, and she keeps saying "graphic artists don't make a whole lot of money" I SAID ANIMATOR NOT ARTIST. ;; But talking to a vet I was shadowing for a career thing, he said following that path would probably make me more money xD

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          It's a misconception that artist of any kind will not make money. >:

          Well what you can do is at least go to school and learn about one career choice, and hopefully during your time there you'll know if it's truly what you want or not. <:

          xD;; I know for me, I wanted to work in the production industry.. making movies, shows, games.. anything with a STORY because I always wanted to be part of a story making... and when I saw the "how we made Aladdin" extra like 7 years ago, I was like YUSH THIS IS WHAT I WANT. And then I couldn't find a school that would teach animation at the time (I didn't know "new media" was animation -_-) so I took architectural technology.. and it only took 1 year to realize this is NOT what I want, and it actually ended up getting me so frustrated to being depressed to just not caring because I was kept being pushed to follow that career path... xD;;

          But you already have an interest in veterinary, right? But if you truly feel that animation is your passion, then yesss go to school and learn it! >=O IT'S YOUR LIFE, DON'T LET THEM DECIDE FOR YOU.

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            I'm only a Freshman in Highschool, so I have time to think about it!

            Thank you so much for your input!<3

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              Whoaaaa yeah you have tons of time. <333 That's awesome! And you're very welcome!