OC Concept: Fire by Rae

OC Concept: Fire


2 June 2014 at 17:42:08 MDT

I'll copy paste the descrip I wrote elsewhere:

With the lick of a flame
this host will become a shell of what it once was

• • •

This is Áed, the opposing force that goes against Linger. It's genderless as well, with a noticeably large hole in its abdomen region. The reddish parts on its body - the tail/wings, arms, and face area, acts like fire. They create a constant warmth, the heat which it controls, and also dissipate into smoke. It exerts fire through the reddish areas on its back, face, and chest.
It doesn't care much what people identify it as - whether male, female, or in-between. The barren area in its abdomen is thought to represent the absence of the ability to procreate, therefore a sign that this is the embodiment of the future - an end to all, the passing of generations, a fire that will eat all that exists - turning all into ash and smoke. While Linger is the "Past", Fire is the "Future".
It can shape the fire into whatever it wants. When it comes to influencing people and things around it, it prefers to bring destruction in its wake. Like Linger, it can enter dreams, but only brings darkness, a loss of imagination and inspiration. It sucks up motivation and genuine good feelings.

I'm still picking at his design, but overall I'm alright with this for now.

Character (c) Ethelo/Rae

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