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Hello, I'm Andy (Radio), I'm a Freelance Web Designer/Developer, if you're interested in hiring me email me here.

All artwork hosted on this account has been made for me by other artists.
I do not claim these images to be my own, only the characters depicted in them.

All work of real people are credited to whose who are featured in the artwork described.

FurAffinity (NSFW Dump) | (Character Bios)

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Massive Upload: Character Art

Hello! I haven't been here in awhile, and since my returning to FA I figured I'd update this profile as well, especially since all my character info is (somewhat) saved here since Nabyn was shutdown.

I'm doing a multiple uploads of art I've commissioned, of received as gift art/freebie/request/raffle etc to this account, I don't really plan to upload to FA, just going to leave it as is and redirect traffic this way unless it's NSFW then I'll upload on both. :)

Doing my best to remember to disable follower notifications so I don't spam peoples inboxes with old art, but with any new commissions I'll be leaving that option unticked! You also won't find anything I upload finding its way on the front page, the characters are only mine so if someone sees it I want them to pay the original artist a visit and boost the original upload rather than my reupload.

I'll also be making changes to my characters bios, and adding the ones I never got around to posting anywhere.

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    It's because I hide in a clam shell at the bottom of the sea of course!

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      Thanks for the lovely art! You should also thank Fawntasy

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        I absolutely did, got me about 10 new watchers! ;u;