Appetite (Part 10) by RaddaRaem

Appetite (Part 10)


20 September 2018 at 17:22:20 MDT

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. And I just keep on commissioning him and writing words with for them. So, after some back and forth with him, decided to splurge and get a whole series arted up starring a hunky squirrel guy that myself and WatchOutForDragons dreamed up! Then of course can't forget Max the husky who belongs to Sol!

Hope you enjoyed this series! This caps it off and serves as the final sketch in the series.


Sen tilted his head back and allowed a monstrous belch, more a roar really, to escape. Hands upon his gut, kneading playfully at the outlines of the still swelling limbs and faces desperately pressing against the interior of his stomach lining, the kangaroo's rapturous bellow continued on for what felt like minutes.

The light fixtures rattled and flickered above him. Empty petri dishes clattered upon the sterile tables.

Shifting about uneasily on his feet, Sen grunted while his stomach noisily sloshed and slapped against his thighs. Cracks splintered throughout the tiles beneath his thickening soles as his latest round of experiments settled down within his distended stomach.


"Mmhph. That's how many hundreds of billions today alone?" Sen huffed. His biceps, swollen and bloated, chafed against his ballooning pecs as untold populations were converted into calories. Those thunderous thighs, swelling feet, and even those ample ass cheeks... all that humanity amounted to was to be the formless fat that collected upon them.




Sen's lab rattled with his every seismic footfall. Turning his pillar like neck this way and that, the muscles within his broad shoulders tensing and pulling taut whenever he did so, the kangaroo scoured for the building blocks required to craft another simulated universe. A pipette here and a beaker there. The exact compounds and concentrations long since memorized as he worked off muscle memory more than anything.

Yawning, Sen grabbed at the sides of the petri dish and swirled it about. The plastic scraped against the counter's smooth surface as spiral galaxies whirled into being within the inky black solution.

"Millenia crammed into micro seconds..." the kangaroo grunted. Cheeks puffed out wide, he stifled a room rattling belch as the frantic struggles churning within his gut came to an abrupt and utter halt. "Mmmph. Best batch I've made in a while," he snorted.

Licking his lips, Sen counted down the seconds until the first signs of life would flicker into being. He leaned in close, his every exhale rippling across the cosmos, while his lenses went dark. An errant blink here and there was all it took to navigate through the menus that flickered before his eyes. Zoom, to levels nearing nanoscopic, were activated as Sen focused intensely on the contents of a single speck sized galaxy. "There we go. Yet another Earth!" he contentedly observed.

He held his breath and waited patiently, all of a matter of moments, for sentient life to advance to a spacefaring age. "Oh? What's this?" Sen cooed. His ears perked to attention as a tiger, trim and handsome, rapidly ascended without any outside interference. "Outstanding..." the kangaroo marveled.

Sen couldn't help but smile as the famished feline erupted from his confining clothes and started devouring the pedestrians fleeing from him upon the sidewalks. Stuffing cars between his lips, giggling at the tires spinning against them, before swallowing them down and feeling them screech and slide down his bulged out throat.

"You're advancing much further, and faster, than I ever would have expected," the kangaroo chuckled while he watched the towering tiger rip subways off their tracks and slurp up entire shuttles like strings of spaghetti. "I wonder how far you'll make it before I have to interfere?" Sen pondered aloud as he licked his lips once more.


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    Certainly quite the ride this was, and it was a fun one too, the story over all really added to it!