Appetite (Part 6) by RaddaRaem

Appetite (Part 6)


23 August 2018 at 22:14:16 MDT

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. And I just keep on commissioning him and writing words with for them. So, after some back and forth with him, decided to splurge and get a whole series arted up starring a hunky squirrel guy that myself and WatchOutForDragons dreamed up! Then of course can't forget Max the husky who belongs to Sol!

Hope you enjoy!


Arms crossed behind his head, Walter lazily smacked his lips. "Mmmph..." his ocean depth baritone grunted as his spoken word rippled across the shallow seas. The utterly engorged squirrel, swollen and sprawled about the entirety of a continent, puffed out his cheeks and belched away the planet's thinning atmosphere. "That... was... delicious..." Walter trailed off.

Breathing heavily, Max snorted in agreement as gravity guided a country sized landmass down his throat. His stifled burps, humid and heated gales of air erupting from his throat, assailed the miniscule millions living upon his latest snack. Meteoric globs of saliva condensed upon the flattened landscape as the city specks were reduced to grey smears. What few survivors that remained could do little more than watch on while the husky's horizon spanning tongue slowly encroached. Max suckled on his meal, crushing it into a slurry between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, as its softened form slowly slowly slowly drifted down his bulged out throat.

Walter shifted in place, his ass cheeks knocking tectonic plates out of place with their every errant jiggle, while untold billions churned in his distended stomach. Eyelids heavy, the squirrel twiddled his chafing toes as he tucked his chin against his pillowy pectorals. The sight of his gurgling gut, stuffed painfully taut, obscured his view.


Wobbling in concert, Walter blushed when he felt Max rest his stomach against the squirrel's own.

The husky lapped at his lips. Lost and forgotten crumbs of civilization, lodged deep within the faintest creases of his damp flesh, dissolved as they came to be drowned in Max's saliva. "So full..." he moaned.

Belches, burps, sloshes, and gurgles radiated out across the globe as the colossal couple digested the majority of the population that once resided upon it.

"Say uh... Walt?" Max's cheeks, puffed out and swollen, burned brightly as he bumped hips and shoulders with the squirrel. Even now he had yet to quell his appetite.

"Yeah?" Walter asked as he sidled up alongside the corpulent canine. Tails interlocked, they wordlessly tugged themselves closer and closer into one another.

The husky brapped, the majority of Western civilization reduced to the spittle coating his teeth, while he footsied with his increasingly affectionate best friend. "Think you have any room in you for dessert?"

"Only one way to find out," Walter's rich and syrupy voice teased. He lazily slid an arm behind the back of Max's head and cradled him close. Nuzzling cheeks, the bloated behemoths embraced their welling hunger for one another.

Max fumbled blindly for a sumptuous snack, his clawed fingertips scraping against the ocean trenches, before he settled upon something rich and romantic. With a tug of his wrist he ripped the entirety of a continental seaboard out of the planet's crust. Water roared into the gouged earth as the arctic poles drifted out of place. The husky proceeded to pinch the landmass between his pursed lips and turned to face Walter.

Chuckling, Walter's every apocalyptic utterance prompting fissues to radiate out from under him, the squirrel pinched the opposite end of the seaboard between his lips. Slurps, smacks, and hearty glurks heralded the end of existence for those few survivors that remained. Twin pairs of lips, extending from horizon to horizon, slowly came together as Walter and Max embraced one another in passionate, and hungry, kiss.

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