Appetite (Part 5) by RaddaRaem

Appetite (Part 5)


19 July 2018 at 16:35:16 MDT

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. And I just keep on commissioning him and writing words with for them. So, after some back and forth with him, decided to splurge and get a whole series arted up starring a hunky squirrel guy that myself and WatchOutForDragons dreamed up! Then of course can't forget Max the husky who belongs to Sol!

Hope you enjoy!


Moisture, humid and suffocating, fogged the windows of the flooded buildings. Rivers lapped at the base of the apartments, the businesses, and the skyscrapers carried along by the ruinous floodwaters.


Bubbles frothed to the surface as horrified onlookers watched on as countless buses, trains, and cars disappeared beneath the white capped waves. Snapped power lines, bobbing in the water, snapped and crackled wildly with electricity as the fading lights within the darkening city struggled to illuminate the now cavernous surroundings.

A firm pink riverbed. Ivory mountain ranges. A suffocating and intensely humid landscape. It was hard to reconcile that this... just a paltry gap between Walter's teeth... was where an entire populace now lay forgotten.


Or so they thought. Screams, unheard over the very movement of the squirrel's saliva soaked muscles, called out into the void as Walter rolled his tongue over his teeth. Meteoric beads of saliva dripped from the leviathan of muscle that ominously sailed over the peaks of the bony white mountains. The water level, sloshing between Walter's molars, rose significantly as torrents of liquid surged down the sides of his teeth. Globs of saliva tumbled free and bombarded the structures below.


Where there once was a skyscraper lay a cloud of concrete and steel. It lingered over the sinking city before caking itself to the sides of those buildings that remained. Pleading, those still trapped within them begged and prayed for any sort of escape.


They asked for a reprieve and Walter was more than happy to provide. Sliding down along the squirrel's gumline, the speck of a metropolis tumbled down into the canyon like grooves that separated one taste bud from another atop his tongue.


Even though they were barely felt upon his tongue, Walter relished the thought of devouring them.


Untold hundreds of thousands gurgled and churned within Walter's stomach as he let a cloud parting belch roar free.


Max promptly answered back with a roar of his own. Smacking his lips, the husky couldn't help but squeeze Walter's puffy hand within his own as the colossal couple lumbered across the land.

"Moooooooore..." their stomachs practically growled in unison as their very appetite for everything around them, and each other, had come to consume their every waking thought.

Their horizon spanning paws, constantly bumping up against and playing footsie with one another, ruinously thundered against the earth. Shockwaves radiated out from beneath both the squirrel and husky with their every footfall.

Low flying helicopters trying to cover their approach and warn against their oncoming arrival were effortlessly blown away by the tornadic gusts of air kicked up by their very movements. Reconnaisance planes were inhaled down the instant they were noticed. Not that the warnings would do the continent any good.


No matter how insignificant, how negligible, how utterly inconsequential their friends, neighbors, and countrymen had become...


Max and Walter would consume every last one of them. Their appetites would tolerate nothing less.

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    they are gluttons are they