Beach Bum by RaddaRaem

Beach Bum


16 April 2018 at 17:47:05 MDT

Jem here is a hulking, huge, and very very hungry fella. Also, because it looks good on him, he is still a kangaroo for the time being.

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. Particularly ones with an emphasis on vore. I keep on getting them and then writing words for them.


“BRAAAAAAAAAAAP!” Lips rippling, Jem slapped at his distended gut as the smell of diesel filled the air. This had to have been the… what? Third? Fourth? Maybe even fifth traffic jam he’d gorged himself on just today? Eyes half lidded, he picked at the countless tires and fenders that had wedged themselves between his flat teeth.

“Like clockwork,” the kangaroo said with a smirk. Thighs clapping together with a thunderous intensity, Jem sauntered along the roads that ran along the city’s shoreline. The asphalt splintered and cracked beneath the kangaroo’s bloated feet. Spring Break, without fail, drew the morsels err… masses in like nothing else.

Jem’s ears flicked gently at the sounds of waves, barely audible in between his thooming footfalls, crashing against the placid and otherwise empty beach. It was a pleasant change of pace from years past.

The kangaroo arched his brows as he dragged his tongue along the back of his teeth slathered his leftovers in saliva. “Huh. Musta missed something…” he mused aloud as that sprawling mass of pink muscle lapped at a metro bus tucked between his molars. While he did so, muffled screams bouncing between his teeth all the while, he not so fondly recalled how the sandy shores used to be filled to the brim with beachgoers. Furs and humans alike sprawled out among the sand or wading in the shallows.

Ruinous creaks and groans sounded out as the walls of the bus bowed in. The vehicle, and its inhabitants, were utterly powerless and inconsequential in the face of Jem’s hunger.

Jem meandered onto the beach as he preoccupied himself with what remained of his meal. Rolling his eyes, he shook his head at the altogether unpleasant memories he had accumulated here in years past. Plumes of sand rose up from between the kangaroo’s toes while he walked.

“Definitely don’t miss this…” he grunted. His footfalls, muted and weakened by the grains of sand, barely registered. No shockwaves rippling out from beneath him to delay the departure of his would be snacks. Then there was the taste! Blech. Sand, coarse and tasteless, grinding against his tongue? Hard pass. Then it went without saying that seawater was out of the question. As were the bathers who frantically swam out from shore to escape him.

No matter. Jem had a much more flavorful, and filling, meal to content himself with now. Tongue pressed firmly against the bus, the vehicle inching out from the gap between Jem’s teeth bit by bit, windows popped shattered and popped free as the pressure became too great.

“Ahhhhhhh…” Jem rumbled in delight. That mass of muscle, sopping wet and molding against the contours of the battered bus, forced its way in through the gaps and greedily sampled at its occupants. A pronounced grating of metal, and squeal of tires, announced the bus’s escape.


So to speak, anyway. Jem sighed contentedly as a reassuring weight slid down his throat. “What better place for a pit stop than the pit of my stomach?” he laughed. The kangaroo casually kneaded at his gut, bouncing against his thighs, while he soaked in the sand and the surf.

Abandoned beach umbrellas and empty life guard towers littered the beach before him. Huh. “I could honestly get used to this,” Jem pondered.

A jingle, faint but unmistakable, pierced his thoughts. The kangaroo turned his gaze towards it. A bicyclist, sun visor down and towing a cart of frozen lemonade behind them, warily scoured the beach for any customers. Jem licked his lips and lumbered after him.


The bicyclist looked up and shrieked. Pedaling furiously, their wheels spinning only marginally faster for their efforts, they were promptly scooped up by the insatiable kangaroo. They disappeared within Jem's swollen palm and yelped as fingertips bigger than they were curled around them.

“I’ll take one of everything! Yourself included,” Jem bellowed. Bicyclist, and frozen cart, in hand, the kangaroo thundered towards the shoreline. “You know,” Jem yawned, “I think I’m starting to see the appeal of this.” Towels, insignificant in size and fluttering in the salt stained breeze, greeted him. The kangaroo casually flopped upon them with a satisfied sigh.

Jem wriggled back and forth, his ample butt cheeks jiggling against each other and the heated sand, as he made himself comfortable. “Sand, sun, surf, and snacks…” he happily trailed off as the bicyclist disappeared between his lips.

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