Peckish For Planets by RaddaRaem

Peckish For Planets


27 July 2016 at 22:25:53 MDT

Wonderful sprite art courtesy of Anthony! (


Forked tongue circling round her maw, a faint shimmer of drool coating her purple scaled lips, Raja's brows furrowed. "Oh would you relax." Pointed teeth biting into her lower lip the Arbok eyed the gas giant balanced atop the tip of her curled tail. Its long, thick, segmented form trailed out behind her for untold lengths along the asteroid belt beneath her. "It's uninhabited! No harm no foul."

"You're consuming the very solar system you insatiable snake!" Jirachi wildly flailed its stubby arms as the spirit tags taped upon its head dress fluttered in the breeze. The Psychic and Steel Type deity, rendered but an insignificant speck on the palm-sized planet lodged between the swollen snake's bountiful breasts, telepathically tutted and fussed at her. "The delicate push and pull of the planets and stars themselves, painstakingly set in place by the almighty Arceus, have been all but obliterated! Eons of work undone in an instant!"

Eyes half lidded, Raja's piercing green pupils settled upon Jupiter as her serpentine hood spread behind her. Husky planet quaking giggles rumbled out from her thick throat. Roiling waves of hydrogen and helium lapped across its atmosphere and tickled at the celestial serpent's tail. "What are you complaining about? The Earth is fine and so are you." She slapped a hand against her distended purple gut. Ripples of pudge and chub travelled out from beneath her pointed purple fingertips and buffeted the pint sized planet she once called home. Earth bounced and bopped between her wobbling breasts in response. As did Luna, the Earth's ever faithful moon, which lurched back and forth against Raja's bosom as if it were a paddle ball.

"That's not the point! The world doesn't revolve... okay so technically it does right now because of your gluttonous gravity b-b-but regardless!" The legendary Pokemon hmmed and hawed as he chewed on his words. Twirling a finger about himself, he shrouded himself in a Barrier as the sky abruptly went dark. Entire hemispheres went purple for seconds at a time as those meteoric mammaries of hers softly and safely squished against them. Eyes clenched shut, impatiently awaiting the Arbok's breasts to return beyond the atmosphere once more, Jirachi sighed bitterly and returned to mentally nagging and ragging on her. "The saying, at the very least, goes that the world doesn't revolve around you. Or... solar system I guess in your case. A-a-anyway! Cease this at once, Raja!"

Raja's hands slid along her gurgling gut. She idly fumbled and felt around for Mars, which she could feel pinching at her out of reach navel, before giving up and settling for an easier target. Her tail lazily coiled in on itself as the gas giant was forced into her orbit. "Heh. Well then," the bottomless bellied Arbok bellowed. "Maybe it should."

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