Relaxation and Snowy Sensations by RaddaRaem

Relaxation and Snowy Sensations


19 June 2016 at 21:30:25 MDT

Art courtesy of weedshibe

"In hindsight... Know what, I really shouldn't have needed the powers of hindsight to know this was a bad idea." Thick lips flapping against each other, Celia blew a raspberry. "Sunning outside is one thing. Snowing outside is another. Honestly, that name? 'Snowing' is what people call it? 'Snowing' while it's snowing outside?" The Glaceon rolled her eyes at having been foolish enough to so much as indulge the latest fad making the rounds on Chatoter. Clad in her ill-fitting swimsuit the Ice-Type stomped her snowshoe shaming feet in place. Revealing as her wardrobe was, Celia fanned herself with her slush stained book. It was positively balmy out for the well insulated Eeveelution! "Barely below freezing out here!" she huffed.

Padded fingers swiping at her phone, she tapped a digit against the icon bearing the silhouette of the garrulous Flying-Type. It took a couple tries for the moisture slicked screen to register her tactile inputs. She cracked a smile when it finally launched and posts started filling up her feed. Fellow Ice-Types had begun to weigh in on the stupidity of it all. Most of the complaints centered around how the frozen moisture raining down from the sky didn't even remotely lend itself to any kind of outdoor activity. Reading a book? Celia sighed as she watched the paper pages of her book came to be pocked with wrinkled damp spots. Checking your phone? Specks of ice just smudged into water droplets upon the screen anytime the Glaceon swiped against it. Napping? Have fun with digging yourself out. And the hypotherimia. But that was just a given for any not Ice-Types.

Celia turned to back to face her squashed and snow smothered setup. Her lounge chair lay flat against the ground. It wasn't... unexpected that it collapsed all but immediately underneath her girth. The Glaceon poked a finger at her gut and hmmphed when her soft blue folds of chub swallowed everything up to her wrist.

Flakes of snow piled upon her shoulders. In time they came to fill in the craterous indents her cheeks had left not only in the furniture but the very ground beneath it. At the very least she wouldn't have to go through the embarrassment of explaining the rump ruined chair to her boyfriend until the snow melted come spring.

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    So pleasantly plump ;3

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      Such a gluttonous Glaceon! :3

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    Ooo, ass and assonance.

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      Umm... something something alliterative! Bountiful belly and boobage!

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    Glaceons are the best eeveelution to fatten up and she's certainly proof of that!

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      Can't help but feel someone is a teensy bit biased not that I am disagreeing. |3