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Happy Father's Day by Rackiera

Happy Father's Day


A counterpart drawing ot my mother's day chibi's - a gift for my dad!

This time, it features Rackiera/me and her/my sister grown up some, presenting the fish we caught from the lake with their/our happy father, proud of the catch!

My dad's favorite hobby is to go fishing (catch and release bass fishing) up in the lakes of New Hamsphire/Maine and fewer things makes him more happy to have 'his girls' with him and for us to get a catch. We pose for a picture and then let the guys go - none of us are really hunters, we just like to catch and admire the beautiful guys. Really, they're honestly pretty. Go google largemouth and smallmouth bass - I love their patterning.

Anyway, we have a few pictures like this hanging around our house with our real selves, holding up our fish with our proud dad. I decided to draw it as a gift for him to immortalize all those happy moments. I drew my sister dropping her fish because she's done that quite a lot - there's been many bass she's lost over the side of the boat when trying to pull it out for a picture. :D

Fun fact: When I went down to CVS to pick up the print, the same guy who printed my mother's day art was there too and he was like "hey buddy!!" when I walked in the door, lmao. He wrote "Awesome!!" underlined on my receipt and now I'm going to pin that on my corkboard above my computer. <3

When I gave this picture to my dad, he actually started to tear up he loved it so much. I'm really glad to have made his day. Made every second I spent working on this worth it.

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