Breakthrough - Chapter 2 - Page 17 by Rackiera

Breakthrough - Chapter 2 - Page 17


5 February 2016 at 09:02:38 MST

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Inhabitants of the Dragon Empire and the members of the Red Claw always theorize on how the Empire's dungeons are so effective. Perhaps they use your worst fears against you, or leave you without contact for months?

It's a lot worse than they want to think.

Also, the blacking out in the last panel is a transition. I sure as hell don't want to depict what's happening next.

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    Im assuming the implication here is some unwilling butt sex. what a way to establish a villain.

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      XD Yep. Wow, I hate to laugh, but 'unwilling butt sex' is the most amusing way I've heard this described so far

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        its also sometimes called surprise butt sex! or how you say "hello" in japan.

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    I really hope this isn't turning the way I think it is. >.=.>

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      Well you won't see it drawn out, thankfully... but it definitely seems to be going in that direction, unfortunately for Iyress

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        Didn't know dragons were every given such strange "orders"...

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    WHAT??? WTF??? What is this??? Naaah, it's really??? by doubts explain what happened exactly? the orders it was only give a spanking? Or what? You can speakme in the private if is possible?

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      The guard was ordered to basically forcibly mate with Iyress as a form of torture, if that's what you're suspecting. The Dragon Empire is a despicable place with no boundaries for torture to get what they want