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Commission Information


30 March 2018 at 12:17:18 MDT

Want a reference sheet? Go here!

I decided to fully redo my commission sheet to be clearer, prettier, and just overall... better. I also added a new style (chibis!) and removed colored sketches as there was no interest. I also put comic shading down at the bottom as an alternate extra instead of an entire other section. Also - hurray! Clear terms on extra characters! I was lacking that forever

I'm not open just yet, but I wanted to get this done for the future.

Possible Subject Matter

Common and Confident

  • Dragons
  • Reptilians
  • Anthropomorphic reptilians (Anthros)

Uncommon and Unpracticed

  • Canines and felines - requires reference material.
  • Equines.
  • Other feral animals - ask!
  • Other anthropomorphic animals.

Rejected Material

  • Humans.
  • Complicated machines or mechanical devices.
  • Anything similar to apes or chimps.
  • Adult themes


Below are full-size examples of the artwork offered in question ordered in most recent to oldest in each category. My style is constantly in a state of flux as I learn new techniques and how to improve myself, so please check my gallery for any other examples you might be wanting to see. I am never shy to answer questions about my art style or work!


Threa - Dive - Lines (Fullbody)
Draa - Lines (Headshot)
Arconicus - Lines (Headshot)
Another Day Another Dollar - Lines (Fullbody, Extra Character)

Flat Colors

Threa - Dive - Flats (Fullbody)
Comm - Riversnow (Half-Body)
Draa - Flats (Headshot)
Arconicus - Flats (Headshot)
Threan Height Chart (Multiple Fullbodies)
Another Day Another Dollar - Flats (Fullbody, Extra Character)

Realistic Shading

Threa - Monster in the Deep (Fullbody, Simple Background)
Threa - Dive (Fullbody, Simple Background)
Draa Icon (Headshot, Simple Background)
Commission - Another Day Another Dollar (Fullbody, Extra Character, Background)
Commission - Home is Where the Heart Is (Fullbody, 2 Extra Characters, Background)
Gift - Theeda Novelia (Headshot)


Longing for Home (Fullbody, Background)
Gift - Denaryr (Headshot, Simple Background)
Gift - Taryn (Headshot, Simple Background)

My terms and conditions are HERE. Please read them.


See my page.

Other Notes

I want to clarify outright that I do not accept commissions in the form of points greater than $15 (1,500 points) in value normally. This is due to the fact that deviantART shoulders the fee of Point transactions on the client. While you pay $25 and get 2,000 points, I would receive only $20. If I request the proper worth of $25 (2,500) points, you will end up paying much more. I think it is beyond unfair for the client to pay a heavy fee like this. However, if you understand and accept this, I am willing to negotiate and go above my cap.

How To Request a Commission

Details on how to commission me are also detailed at the bottom of my terms of service document:
If you wish to request a commission from me, please send me an e-mail at Include the following details:
Your character’s/characters’ reference image or a very detailed written description of the character(s) in question.
Every single detail you can think of regarding the scene. Pose, environment, time of day, etc.
Any other details you feel that it is important for me to know.
Please name the e-mail an appropriate and clear name. “Hey there” is not an appropriate and clear name. Please use something like “Commission Proposition” or “Commission from [username]” so I know to get back to you ASAP.

Submission Information

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