Reference Sheet Commission Pricing by Rackie

Reference Sheet Commission Pricing


29 August 2015 at 12:37:59 MDT

Want a regular drawing? Go here!
Update 8/29/2015: Added a billion more examples and the bases.
A full bio of your character with name, age, siblings, personality, backstory, etc. Please note there is limited space.
As much of a description as possible with each given part with extraneous details such as heat resistance on the scales section or food preference on the mouth section if given.
You will be given a full very large (4000x2000 pixels or so) original image for your own use and upload.
If I have drawn your character before, I will include that picture of them faded out in the background if asked for without any cost.

Please Note:
I prefer dragons, but I will do draconic anthros or other species if you trust my ability. This will cost less as I'm less experienced although it will probably take more time. Please ask me for examples and whatnot before making a decision!
Prices are elevated compared to my regular commission sheet because it includes all the effort of gathering the information of your character, writing it into flowing paragraphs, making the tiles fit, etc.
Top/bottom views will include the head and entire tail if asked without extra cost.
If you do repost it, please link me in the description.
I do not add NSFW elements to reference sheets. However I will mention the structure of sheaths and other non-sexual organs if requested. I prefer not to draw detail shots on such things. I won't bite if you ask what's okay and what's not.

This is very rough and should not be taken as a literal 100% price guide. I only ask for you to tell me what you want drawn and I will give you a quote upon seeing the character/hearing a description. I may raise or lower the price as deemed necessary. I usually take 70%-90% of the added price or round down rather than keep it as the original add-up!

More Current Examples: (Be aware that the reflective tiny scale details on all the drawings are not included with shading and are not offered.)
Rackiera Reference Sheet v5
Draa Reference Sheet v5

Old/Outdated Examples: (Refer to these only for general structure, perspective, and text; art style and specific structure are no longer accurate)
Rackie Reference Sheet 10/3/2014 - Complex
Draa Reference Sheet 10/9/2014 - Average
Arcon Reference Sheet V2 - Simple
Ruskaer Reference Sheet - Simple
Tygressa Reference Sheet - Simple
Acrasor Reference Sheet V2 - Simple
Kaitax Reference Sheet V2 - Simple
Silver Reference V2 - Complex
Sedartha Reference Sheet - Average
[COMM] Fireth Reference Sheet - Average
[COM] Nyrin Reference Sheet - Simple
[COMM] Myriss Reference Sheet - Minimalist

How To Request a Commission

Details on how to commission me are also detailed at the bottom of my terms of service document.

If you wish to request a commission from me, please send me an e-mail at Include the following details:
Your character’s/characters’ reference image or a very detailed written description of the character(s) in question.
Every single detail you can think of regarding the scene. Pose, environment, time of day, etc.
Any other details you feel that it is important for me to know.
Please name the e-mail an appropriate and clear name. “Hey there” is not an appropriate and clear name. Please use something like “Commission Proposition” or “Commission from [username]” so I know to get back to you ASAP.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital