Rachel Ash, 2019 by RachelTheSeeker

Rachel Ash, 2019


31 March 2019 at 09:59:36 MDT

So the day after my latest breakdown, I spent a good hour in bed loathing my existence and the world around me. Among those thoughts was a wish that things can return to how they were when I still had a passion for life. The way I see it, very little can. But I know something I can revert back to how it once was.

Behold, Rachel the lioness. The myth, the legend, the Lego set. The Ur-example of my countless lioness characters I've had over recent years, when I've tried to revise and rewrite Rachel for various reasons.

Things aren't completely like they were before, but that's how life goes sometimes. Things change, and not always for the better. Nevertheless, sometimes you can reach back and find the good times you've had, and find ways to relive them.

Hence, I'd like to fiddle with Rachel again. No excess of needless revisions required. Even if it's just going to be this drawing, well... I hope it'll suffice for those who still care about my works.

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