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I'm the goth girl and avid gamer who's proudly married to her headmate, ZackTheSerialKiller.


Sharing any of the content displayed here is allowed as long as proper credit is given. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask. However, I don't do commissions or requests but I'll be sure to answer other questions the best I can!

My soulbonds are people who don't exist physically on Earth but alternately live on other habitable planets based on our belief of the multiverse. Many of them, I believe, are the factual counterparts to fictional characters from video games and cartoon shows. We communicate with one another through thoughts that may at times come in a similar form of soliloquy.

It's like having imaginary friends with a mind of their own, differing identities, personalities, relationships and hobbies. However, I do not believe these friends to be anything less than sentient individuals who merely happen to live lightyears away from me. I'm a gateway system so the limit to how many 'bonds communicate with me are endless.

A friendly reminder that this is not an alterhuman resource page. Please do not email or shout at me questions like: “What is fictionkin?” and “What are soulbonds, headmates and tulpas?” as I will ignore these. There are plenty of websites and blogs better equipped to define that stuff for you like:

All characters engaged in sexual situations are depicted as 18+ years of age.

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Status Update - What I've Been Up To

on 2 July 2021 at 22:34:18 MDT

I don't talk that much outside of Discord, so I've decided to give out a little update on how things are going for me in this life. I've been making a presence in the pokemon community, namely Smogon's side, lately. A lot of my time being indoors was spent on learning how to RNG (random number generator) abuse/manipulate various pokémon in a multitude of main line Pokémon games. I've also just completed all the Pokémon games that I needed to be able to collect ribbons for my Pokémon so I have that to work with now.

Over here are pictures of a Zubat I rng manipulated to be a square shiny with jolly for nature and perfect IVs (individual values). I plan on collecting ribbons for it!

Also, here's my trade thread on Smogon's forums. All the Pokémon I breed, catch, rng abuse, and get ribbons for can be found here!

Health-wise, I've been doing alright. Not too long ago I finished getting my Covid vaccine shots. I felt like I had to vomit one morning after waking up. Might've been because my mother scared the crap outta me and it churned my stomach but that was the only thing that happened after I got my second shot.

I still live with my mother as I'm doing therapy and taking medication like antipsychotics to help with my depression upon other things.

Also, my relationship with Zack has been good as always!

Besides that, I'm pretty much active solely on my private Discord server and a few others. I'll link some below if anyone is interested in joining.

(Discord Server) Madeness Accelerator (Ages 13+) - A tulpamancy focused server. However, It's not your average plurality server. Plenty of memes and crazy stories can be found here. Pretty much anything that doesn't violate Discord's Terms of Service is allowed. You're likely to find yourself a home here with moderate activity and great people to talk to!

(Discord Server) Smogon Wi-Fi (Ages 13+) - A nice chill place to talk about Pokemon, sports and share you daily endeavors with the folk that hang around here.

(Discord Server) Slasher's 333 Triple Threat (Ages 18+) - A friend's NSFW server dedicated to the pixel artist, Slasher333. It's very relaxed with nice people to chat with.

(Discord Server) /r/PokemonRibbons (Ages 13+) - A place to discuss, brag, and share your 'Ribbon Masters' with others on the server.

(Discord Server) Pokemon RNG (Ages 13+) - As the name suggests; a server all about rng abuse in Pokémon games. Share your achievements and get help on how to rng abuse!

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves! :)

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