Skull Cat Adopt OPEN by RaccoonSaloon

Skull Cat Adopt OPEN


4 March 2019 at 17:47:23 MST

I hate to part with him but Skully and Spider Bro need new a new home because mama needs $$$ for bills ;n;

I revamped an old character I got from askjayfeather back in like...2014?
The other cat at the top of the original picture is also being sold. He'll be posted sometime later.


  • Only reply to the bidding chain with your bid(s) and to the last bidder. Any other comments on the bidding chain will be deleted and other bids not on the bid chain will be invalid.
  • You may change features (such has adding horns, clothing, accessories, tweaking the design/patterns/markings etc if you'd like. If you want some very minor stuff done I will happily alter the original designmyself in case you feel you do not have the ability to do so on your own. This has to be a reasonable change however, and will be done when I have time to do so. (But please keep the design somewhat recognizable)
  • Winner will get the main file sent after the auction or as soon as I am at my computer. (I do have a job and am a mother so sometimes I am afk, sorry bout that!)

  • You may resell, but no more than for what you paid.

  • You may gift to people but they must follow these rules as well!

  • Do not steal the design or the lines (so no tracing or anything like that either)

  • Only send the payment (by PayPal) when I say it's okay. I will note you for your email so I can send an invoice.

  • You must leave my signature somewhere on the image please

  • Once bought you can choose a gender and name and all that good stuff!

  • Auction ends 4 days after the last bid. Auction is also posted on Deviantart. I will let anyone know if they have been outbid on a different site

SB: $10 USD
AB: $200 USD

Revamped Design © Me->salom14
Original Design © askjayfeather