Character Adopts 3/3 OPEN by RaccoonSaloon

Character Adopts 3/3 OPEN


4 March 2019 at 17:33:38 MST


  • You may change features (such has adding horns, clothing, accessories, tweaking the design/patterns etc. (But please keep the design somewhat recognizable)
  • You may resell, but no more than for what you paid.

  • You may gift these to people but they must follow these rules as well!

  • Do not steal the design or the lines (so no tracing or anything like that either)

  • Only send the payment (by PayPal) when I say it's okay

  • You must leave my signature somewhere on the image please Heart

  • Once bought you can choose/change a gender and name and all that good stuff!

  • If you'd prefer you may ask for a single image of just your character after purchase!

  • First come first serve!

Orc Barbarian - $8 OPEN

Lolita Bunny - $10 OPEN
Demon Creature - $10 OPEN

Designs and Additional Art © Me->RaccoonSaloon
Base by vertege

Quick Info for the characters! You can either keep the info upon purchase or come up with your own!
Orc Maiden - Vuura (View-Rah)
20-25 year of age
7' 5" 220 pounds of muscle and curves~
She's rather brash, and has no clue what a metaphor is but tries to use them often, almost always incorrectly.

Bunny -
16-21 years of age
5'3" 90 pounds of pure 'Don't call her short, small, or tiny.'
This bun thinks of herself as an Idol, Popstar, or Social Media celeb. She's better than everyone around her and they all worship her, or so she likes to believe. Under the cold,
entitled exterior there is a warm heart....somewhere.

Demon - Serkoraz (S-air-co-ra-z) "Sera" for short
??? years of age
7' 8" (8' if you count horn height) 240 pounds of pure magical fiend
This creature is neither male nor female and can change which gender it desires on a whim. Sera is quite good at Illusion magic though needs contact of some kind in order to cast it.
Their method of contact and transfer are the black and electric blue flowers shown in their background that they can conjure with a thought.

Submission Information

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