OTA Shaeer Adopt Batch1 [1/2 OPEN] by RaccoonSaloon

OTA Shaeer Adopt Batch1 [1/2 OPEN]


11 June 2016 at 20:02:40 MDT

Species Info is all found HERE


Shaeer are a CLOSED species that belong to me. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN

  • Shaeer are special and have antlers made from Corals so you are free to change their antlers in a realistic and fun way. Make them bigger. Make them smaller! Change the shape even! You can even change the antler colors [Antlers must be multiple colors Single colored antlers do not exist in this species!]!! Markings may be changed, try to keep in mind the fish they are marked after and stick with that general direction of design please. Since these are a species you may not change any other physical attributes of them. Only their antlers. But you are free to add in accessories.

  • You'll get an un-watermarked copy of your Shaeer after a deal has been made and payment sent!

  • You may resell, but not for more than you paid for it! If you sell it I must be notified and the new owner MUST adhere to these rules!

  • Do not steal the design or the lines
    (so no tracing or anything like that either)

  • You must leave my signature somewhere on the image and link back to me the first time you draw them or post them please :heart:

  • Once owned you can choose a name and all that good stuff! These are Males and cannot have their gender changed!

  • If you'd prefer you may ask for a single image of just your adopt after purchase!

Largemouth Basse CLOSED
Belongs to CheshireCat-Syndrome

Butterflyfish OPEN


Butterfly Fish: $0

Art and Designs © Me->@salom14
Shaeer Species © Me->@salom14

What I am looking for:

Please don't offer:
Joke Offers (Ex: tiny amounts of USD [like change and the like] )

I reserve the right to reject any offer I don't see fitting for the work I put in for these guys