Ned Anthro by RaccoonSaloon

Ned Anthro


28 May 2016 at 22:39:25 MDT

The Anthro form of my character Ned Garvey. He's an Irish Elk shifter. And yes it is extremely painful for him to shift (not to mention the amount of gore and blood <_< Plus he eats the human flesh he sheds during shifting. For energy purposes. So, he's basically a wendigo I suppose).
He doesn't shift a whole awful lot and once he's in one form he tends to remain in that form for quite a while even if in danger just from the sheer difficulty of shifting.
You try pushing gigantic antlers out of your head (or even worse retracting them!!) and see how much you like shifting back and forth after that. He typically gets massive migraines and headaches and can often times be pretty irritable for days, even weeks, after a shift.

Art and Character © salom14
You may not use these images for anything!! This is my character no one is allowed to use him or his image for anything (especially RPing).

And sorry for the ugly deviantart watermark but I honestly don't trust people not to try and use this for Roleplay...

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