Pirate Plunder Tip Jar! (Breast Expansion Growth Drive) by Rabid Cowolf

Pirate Plunder Tip Jar! (Breast Expansion Growth Drive)

Rabid Cowolf

6 October 2016 at 13:59:16 MDT

(Growth Drive Has Concluded <3)

The Dread Pirate Queen Nekowako has stumbled across the fabled ChiChi Chichi Devil Fruit while sailing the Grand Line. A Devil Fruit that increases her bust in proportion to how much wealth and pirate treasure she collects. She's embraces the power fully and begins looking to increase her impressive bust by sending her loyal crew to collect as much treasure as they can. That's where YOU come in, welcome to the crew!

WHAT IS THIS?: Consider this an interactive tip jar! Each dollar tipped will increase the potency of the Devil Fruit magic translating directly to growth. $1 = 1cm added to her bust line, though there are additional tiers to multiply the effects!

HOW: Send your paypal tip and help her grow by using the link provided:

(Growth Drive Has Concluded <3)

The more you tip the greater the effects will be! Starting at $20+ the tip you send multiplies the growth your tip will cause.

$20+ : The effects of your tip will be multiplied by 2x

$30+ : 3x

$40+: 4x (This multiplier is the cap. You can tip more but it will still be multiplied by 4 to keep things at least a little bit sane.)

eg. (If you tip $25 she will gain 50cm to her bustline total. If you tip $43 that will add 172cm)

Have fun and remember to tip responsibly within your means!

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