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Hey, I am still setting up here. Getting my commission game going on a few different sites at the moment so there will be an influx of things. As I edit, and sort through the best of the items to post as well as attempt to clean up and make each site presentable, and comprehensive as possible.

I have been drawing for around 16 years, and doing paid art for select and small groups of people for about 6 of those years. My strongest points are line art, and reference, as well as flat color. I can to shading, and full artwork but I am not quick enough usually to make it worthwhile for prospective clients. Since to my knowledge, there is no clean adult-safe paysite out there, I will have a patreon where I try to draw enough to make it worthwhile for people to want to sub to it. For this, some items will be on a DNP request.

If anyone knows a way that I would not be relying on paypal or puritanical controlled companies to get singular payment options I would much prefer that than patreon and gating things behind a paywall of subscription.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my stuff anonymously, without any notification. All I ask is that you link back here in some form to the Weasyl Account if you do. I'm actually pretty alright with people using my stuff for references, but not wholesale tracing/claiming. Just source where it came from. ❤ Please.

If its not a personal character in my characters folder, but instead elsewhere go ahead and ask me about it. It may be a thing I am tossing out, or not attached to. It won't be free, but it won't be likely attached to my own personal interests or plans. Likely I will have a "Sale Character Folder in the future."

Commissions : ✅💦