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The Hunt by rabbitinafoxden

The Hunt


She stopped, turning her upper body, listening intently. Was that the snap of a twig? Had her pursuers caught up with her?

When she had seen the human camp, she had decided to indulge herself. Her sisters had always told her that humans made delicious meals, and she knew it was difficult to find such an ideal situation to catch one. She could sneak into the camp and have her meal, and be gone before anyone knew what had happened. If she turned down this opportunity, when would she have another one?

Her sisters had been right: the humans were delicious. But she probably should have stopped with just one. The extra weight had slowed down her escape.

Still, even as overburdened as she was, she was a lot quicker on her feet than these humans. She would find a hiding place to squirrel herself away, and then she would be able to digest her meal in peace.

The forest was quiet: the humans that were tracking her hadn't caught up yet. She pressed one of her forehooves into her bulging, squirming gut, running her tongue across her lips as she recalled the memory of the human women as they slid down her gullet. Then she was on the move again, her belly swaying and bounding with every leap and bound.

She would have to do this again some time.

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