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Couch Gaming (Plus stream reminder!) by rabbitinafoxden

Couch Gaming (Plus stream reminder!)


4 November 2020 at 17:59:31 MST

Apparently, "Lindsay with a vore belly hanging out with her friends while they play video games" is a theme I like, because I'm pretty sure this is the third time I've drawn or written it.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I'm doing Extra Life again this year! It's a 24-hour game stream (I'll be splitting it up over three days) to raise money for children's hospitals. You can see my previous journal about it here: . It will be starting on November 6th some time in the morning, and will be going off and on all weekend. You are welcome to come watch even if you cannot donate, and I'm more than happy to help distract people from the current goings-on in the world.

This picture demonstrates my general vibe when game streaming fairly well: I think of it like having friends hanging out with me on the couch while I game, and I will be eager to chat with folks if anyone is interested. I will have my mic on for at least some of it, and will be available in the Twitch chat when not on mic. The games in the stream will not be vore-focused, but I'll be open to chat or make jokes about the subject if you'd like.

Here's my current running list of games I may play! I will probably not play all of these, but these are the pool of games I'll be choosing from when I'm picking which games to play (some of these would be emulated):

[ ] Monster Prom
[ ] Armello
[ ] Hades
[ ] Monster Hunter World
[ ] Rimworld
[ ] For The King
[ ] Pangya
[ ] Metroid Fusion
[ ] Swordcraft Story
[ ] Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls
[ ] Genshin Impact

If you have any particular ones you'd like to see, or any games that aren't in this list that you think I should try, feel free to let me know! I hope to see you this weekend!

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