Six Fanarts (Vore Edition) by rabbitinafoxden

Six Fanarts (Vore Edition)


2 April 2020 at 18:05:28 MDT

I did the "Six Fanarts" meme on Twitter, where I took suggestions for characters to draw fanart of. Because I'm me, I did it with a vore theme! Most of these characters were either ones I hadn't heard of before (the bunny and Milady) or ones that I have heard of, but am not that familiar with (Renamon and Ori.) Gosh, though, I'm familiar with the Zuu: that one was probably part of my vore awakening when I was younger (though I think that by the time FF9 rolled around, I already knew it was something I was into?)

I really struggled with a few of these, especially the first two, but after some redraws, I'm fairly pleased with all of them. I'm particularly happy with how the Audrey II sketch came out. Also, you get a bonus drawing of a Cleyran villager in the last one! Or at least part of one. I always kind of figured that the anthro rodents were one of the staples of the Zuu diet, given their proximity to their city and eagerness to gulp down human-sized prey.

In spite of early difficulties, I had a lot of fun drawing these! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

Anyway, these are from:
A series of ads in the UK (Bunny)
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds (Milady)
Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey II)
Digimon Tamers (Renamon)
The Ori series of games (Ori)
Final Fantasy IX (Zuu)

(I tagged this with "male pred," because I'm not sure if Audrey II counts?)

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