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Movie Night by rabbitinafoxden

Movie Night


25 February 2020 at 18:22:05 MST

Anon asked: "On Richard and Olive, does Olive support Richard being a pred? Maybe even include whoever he's eaten and his squirmy belly in some sort of roleplay?"

Survey says: yes.

Olive is very supportive of Richard being a pred once they're together, and including his belly in a roleplay is absolutely the kind of thing they would do. I could absolutely see Richard eating another prey (or two: Richard is pretty big, so a belly this size probably has more than one occupant) first, and then threatening to do the same to Olive, so Olive can experience the thrill without actually being at risk of being eaten herself.

Of course, that would be a pretty intense roleplay, so what could be better aftercare than cuddling together, watching a movie, and listening to Richard's prey go through the seven stages of grief as they're slowly digested?

(Also, darn it, I was gonna keep to uncolored sketches with these asks!)

I've been worried for a while that I'm too rigid with the way I do my preparatory sketches, and I've been trying to loosen it up a bit. I'm fairly pleased with the results, though I think Olive's proportions are a little off (and she's probably a little too big compared to Richard here.) But I hope you enjoy the picture anyway!

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