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First Date by rabbitinafoxden

First Date


25 April 2019 at 17:57:47 MDT

Colleen leaned out over the railing, looking at the river down below. The bright summer sun shone off the flowing water, creating a beautiful light show. She adjusted the small camera that was currently clipped to the fur on the side of her head. "So, are you comfortable in there?"

Jeanette's voice came over a small speaker set into the side of the camera. "Yeah, I am! It's a little tight, but it's certainly soft and I'm not feeling any tingling. It's like an enclosed hammock."

Colleen smiled, picturing the small rabbit curled up with her smartphone. "And the feed?"

"Great! It's all clear as day. I can see the river and the park and everything! It's like I'm right there!"

Colleen ran her hand over her bulging stomach. "Technically you are right here, just with a layer of wolf between you and the rest of the world."

Jeanette's voice softened. "Yeah, and that's what makes it okay. I feel... safe, Colleen. I never thought I'd be able to be outside and feel this safe again. This is an amazing first date."

Colleen smiled. "Well, it's only just starting! We're going to walk down the riverwalk and then visit a local museum! After that, the pills that are neutralizing my stomach acids will be starting to wear off, so we'll head back to your place so we can order dinner and rent a movie. Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful," Jeanette responded. Then, after a pause, she added, "Thank you for this."

Colleen placed a hand on her stomach, and she felt Jeanette's hand touching it through the layers of fur and flesh. "You're welcome, my little bunny." She started off down the riverwalk, looking forward to this date and all the others she hoped would follow.

Anon asked: "What do you think would be the most wholesome, non-fatal and comfy vore scenario you could possibly think of?"

Honestly? Probably [url=]this one[/url]. It's an old story I wrote about a pred renting out their service to an agoraphobe, to take her to a meet-up with some friends without her having to go "outside." So here's a sequel with the two of them out and about on a first date, using a camera hooked up to a smartphone so the one on the inside can participate!

In other news, wow, my art has changed a lot, hasn't it?

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