Surprisingly Willing by rabbitinafoxden

Surprisingly Willing


7 April 2019 at 12:20:24 MDT

Anon asked: "Imagine a situation in where a pred is confused, kind of amused, kind of amazed to find that the prey they're either about to devour or already devouring is, unexpectedly, willing and even blushing at their incoming dealy fate. Would it be cute? :3"

Alex: "It really depends on the pred! Some would probably really enjoy finding out that their prey is willing -- like that wolf girl, Rox, for example. Lindsay here, though, does not quite feel the same way. She's never really told me the whole story of why, but she's a little thrown off by willing prey. So when she started chatting up this rabbit in the hopes of having her for a meal, only to find out that the rabbit knows exactly what kind of club this is and that she wants Lindsay to eat her... well, let's just say that Lindsay is not totally sure how to react.

"Now, don't misunderstand: that rabbit is absolutely still going to end the night on the other side of Lindsay's fur. Lindsay is a very pragmatic predator, and she won't turn down a free meal. But she's definitely a little weirded out by the situation; fortunately for her, it's a pretty rare one. And in response to your question:

"It's freaking adorable."

This one was fun to draw! Along with Alex's teasing commentary (Lindsay's probably going to find some way to get back at her later), I'd like to add another note: this was fun to use as an example of the size difference between species in The Den (and, in fact, in my other two recurring settings, as well.) I don't feel like it always comes across in my stories, but there's a pretty significant difference in size between different species. It's not as much as, say, Zootopia, but it's more than one would expect to see between humans in the real world. Lindsay herself is pretty petite for her species, but she's still significantly larger than that rabbit.

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