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The Concert


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A pair of mice go to a special concert, only for the singer to be more than she appears.

Hallie stood outside the small building, looking at the long line already forming. It went down the street and around the block.

"Are you sure this is worth it?" She asked.

"Absolutely," Lyla responded, her tone cheerful. Of course, the little mouse always seemed cheerful.

"It's just," Hallie continued, "I've never heard of this singer before. I've never seen a music video or heard any of her music."

"I know," her friend said. "That's part of the appeal! She never records her music."

"Never?" Hallie raised and eyebrow. "So, no CDs, or music downloads, or anything? Not even samples?"

"Yes! That's exactly right! She says that there's a special quality to her music that a recording could never catch. The only people who have ever heard her voice are those who go to her live shows. That makes it a small, select group!"

"So she might be terrible, is what you're saying."

Lyla waved her hand towards the line. "Would someone who was 'terrible' draw this kind of crowd?"

Hallie pursed her lips. She supposed that they wouldn't, at that. "Fine, but it seems like a gimmick to me. Draw in crowds by making the shows exclusionary. Like you said, it makes you feel like you're part of some special club."

"Whatever." Lyla waved her hand. "I've always wanted to hear her for myself. And besides, my friend got us the tickets for free! We don't even have to stand in line. You literally lose nothing by checking it out."

Hallie sighed. "Alright, alright. Let's go in. We'll see what's so special about this singer."

Lyla's tickets turned out to be just as "VIP" as she had hoped: she showed them to the tall, broad-shouldered wolf working as bouncer at the door, and he removed the velvet rope and let them in without having to wait in line.

The venue was small, intimate, and standing room only. The main room had a stage raised to just about the level of Hallie's shoulders, with no other protection around it to keep fans away. A balcony ran around the upper part of the room where more fans could stand, and a table was set up on the left side of the room, probably to sell t-shirts and other merchandise.

When Hallie and Lyla entered, the two mice were able to walk right up to the stage. They'd probably be able to reach out and touch the act if they got close enough. Hallie couldn't help but think that seemed like kind of a security risk, but hey, that wasn't her job.

The rest of the crowd started to come in and take their places around the venue. The majority of the concert-goers gathered around the stage with Hallie and Lyla. Judging by the excited murmur, most of them seemed to be returning fans. And the excitement seemed -- genuine, somehow. These weren't just hipsters here to see the show because it was different. These were fans who really wanted to be here, who had been looking forward to the show for days or even weeks.

"Okay, I admit," Hallie said, "maybe it's something about being surrounded by fans, but I'm starting to get excited."

"Told ya," Lyla said, punching Hallie on the shoulder. "This is gonna be so awesome!"

After a few more minutes of milling about, the lights started to go down, indicating the start of the show. Rolling smoke from some hidden fog machine filled the stage and spilled down onto the floor. Colored spotlights began roving around the stage.

A male voice came over the venue speakers. "Ladies and gentlemen! It is my pleasure to introduce: SCARLET!

The crowd broke into a loud cheer as the colored spotlights converged on a lone figure stepping out onto the stage.

Scarlet appeared to be a bird of some kind, her body covered with soft, well-groomed feathers, her arms curving into large wings. Her feathers were, in fact, red, though Hallie wasn't sure if that was her actual color or just the color of the lights. Scarlet was also as provocatively dressed as Hallie would expect of a female singer: her outfit looked like little more than a glorified bikini. She had a microphone in one hand, which she had started to bring to a cute, trimmed beak.

So far, nothing special, at least as far as Hallie was concerned. Sure, she was cute, and if Hallie were into that sort of thing, she'd probably hit that. But so far, she just seemed like your standard, run-of-the-mill second-rate celebrity. The whole thing about not recording her music would just bring out more live viewers to a singer who probably wouldn't sell very many copies of her music if she did record it.

Then Scarlet opened her mouth, and Hallie's opinion instantly changed.

"Thanks for coming out, everybody! Are we ready for a great show tonight?"

Scarlet's voice was unlike anything Hallie had ever heard. Though her tone was casual, to call her voice "smooth" would be an insult. It was like liquid honey being poured into her ears. It filled her, suffused her entire body with a spiritual warmth.

Hallie joined the crowd in their cheer.

Other band members had come onto the stage as well and taken up their positions. They all wore black outfits, simple and boring, a clear contrast to Scarlet's brilliant feathers. They obviously were meant to not steal the show from the real star. It also looked like they were all wearing large, black headphones. A signature trademark of the band, perhaps? Except Scarlet wasn't wearing anything like that.

The band started to play, and Scarlet started to sing, and Hallie stopped worrying about what anyone else in the bad was wearing. Scarlet had her full attention.

Scarlet had been right. She had been absolutely right. This could never be recorded. A mere recording would pale in comparison to the power and energy filling the room right now. The crowd moved and swayed as one being, caught up in the flow of Scarlet's voice. They cheered, they danced, they were part of the song.

Hallie realized that her legs were shaking, and she was having trouble drawing breath. Scarlet's voice had literally knocked the wind out of her.

She looked at Lyla, still standing next to her, and observed a similar effect. The other mouse was blushing, but seemed to be enjoying the music as much as Hallie. In fact, she noticed a similar look on most of the other members of the crowd.

The singer paced back and forth across the stage, occasionally blowing a kiss to the crowd or leaning towards them. The crowd responded in kind, hands reaching up and following her for the honor of perhaps brushing her feathers with their fingers.

The song came to an end, and the small crowd erupted into a cacophonous cheer. Scarlet waited patiently for it to end, then brought the microphone back to her beak.

"Alright, everyone," Scarlet said, in that same casual tone. "I think it's time for what you all came for!"

The crowd erupted into another cheer -- one that, for once, Hallie and Lyla didn't seem to be a part of.

"Hey," Hallie said, turning to a female feline standing to her left. "What's going on?"

"She's gonna sing 'The Hunt!' The feline responded, not taking her eyes off the stage. "It's her best song!"

Before Hallie could inquire further, the music started again, and Scarlet started to sing.

You know that I want you for my own
But you keep running from me
It's something you can never postpone
'Cause I'm on the hunt for you

Scarlet walked towards the edge of the stage, her movements sultry, her expression smoky. She began to slowly walk along the circumference, holding one hand out over the crowd.

I'll always be one step behind you
I'll follow your scent for miles
Sooner or later, I will find you
'Cause I'm on the hunt for you

Hallie's heart pounded in sync to the drums. She felt a warmth in her lower belly that began to slowly spread through her body. She glanced around nervously, only to see every eye still on Scarlet.

The singer reached one end of the stage and started walking back towards Hallie. The mouse realized that her heart had started beating faster. It was the kind of trepidation one felt when you wanted your date to kiss you, but you weren't completely sure whether he was actually going to go through with it.

I'm so close now, I can smell my lunch
Hear your heart beat in your chest
My claws flex and my muscles bunch
And you will be mine at last

As she spoke the last line, she reached Hallie... and then went just a little further before dropping to one knee and extending a hand down. There was no doubt who it was for.

"M-me!?" Lyla said.

Hallie felt simultaneously relieved and disappointed.

Scarlet took Hallie's hand and leaned back, helping the small mouse climb onto the stage with her. The crowd cheered.

Now I've got you right where I want you
You know that there is no escape
I'll take you down, my teeth on your throat
'Cause I'm on the hunt for you

Hallie leaned forward, eager to see where the show was going from here and how her friend would be a part of it. She had heard of bands finding different ways for the audience to participate in concerts, but she hadn't expected to see her friend pulled onto the stage!

Lyla was blushing furiously, probably both from the fact that she was no on stage with every eye in the place looking at her and from being so close to Scarlet. That miraculous voice was singing directly to her, now, not the crowd. Hallie couldn't even begin to imagine what that was like.

Scarlet pulled Lyla close, wrapping her arms around her.

Hallie felt her face start to flush. Scarlet was holding the small mouse like... well, like a lover. The bird's eyelids were low, her expression smoky. It was all very... intimate. Even though she was part of an audience, she felt as though she were intruding on something private.

Now you're in my clutches, my prey caught
Between the earth and my claws
You shiver, knowing what must come next
As the hunt comes to a close

Then Scarlet began removing Lyla's clothes. She hooked her fingers into the hem of the mouse's shirt and pulled it up over her head before tossing it aside. Then she reached around and began working on the hooks of her bra.

Hallie's brow furrowed, and she felt her face flush hotter. She hadn't been to very many concerts, but... this was not something that usually happened, was it?

But Lyla didn't seem to be fighting it. In fact, her eyes looked a bit unfocused.

"What's going on?" Hallie said, again addressing the feline next to her. "Does this always happen?"

"Yeah," the feline responded, not taking her eyes off the show. "Sexy, right?"

Our bodies quiver, my mouth waters
As I think of the meal in store
You know it's too late, and you won't be
Apart from me anymore

Scarlet had unbuttoned Lyla's jeans. She ran her fingers beneath the fabric around the perimeter of her hips before letting them fall to the floor, leaving Lyla now clad in only a black pair of panties.

Hallie swallowed hard. Her mouth felt dry. Should she do something? Try to stop the show, or pull Lyla back down, or something? That was her friend up there, after all. She should do something.

But she was having trouble taking her eyes off the show. What was going to happen next? How far... how far was Scarlet going to take this?

The avian ran one feathery finger along Lyla's chin, beckoning her close, so the mouse's muzzle and the bird's beak were just inches apart.

You can fight it, but the end is near
My gut is waiting for you
You know it's your fate to be in me
'Cause I'm on the hunt for you

Then Scarlet opened her beak wide, slid her hand around to the back of Lyla's head, and pushed. The mouse's entire head slid easily into Scarlet's mouth.

Hallie's eyes went wide.

The singing had stopped, of course, though the music from the other members of the band continued. It seemed as though this part of the song was a planned bridge.

Scarlet put her hands on Lyla's bare shoulders and pushed the mouse in deeper. She saw the bird's throat bulge out as Lyla's head filled it.

Hallie could only stare. The bird was swallowing her friend whole.

"She's... she's eating her!" Hallie said, out loud.

"I know! Aren't the special effects amazing?" The feline responded.

Special effects? Was this all somehow part of the show?

It certainly looked real as Scarlet pushed Lyla's chest into her beak. Lyla squirmed, but it seemed more like a response to the sensations rather than an attempt to escape.

The feline had to be right. This was some kind of special effect, something done with mirrors or maybe a clear screen that had been lowered down in front of the stage. Right?

Lyla's stomach disappeared into the singer's distended beak, and though Scarlet had to pause a moment at her hips, she got those in as well. Soon the mouse was just a thrashing tail and a pair of kicking legs, and Scarlet gulped those down as well, moving her head in a scooping motion so gravity would aid in their descent.

Scarlet then turned back to the audience, giving them a seductive smile. Her belly bulged out obscenely, and she ran her small tongue across her beak.

The hunt is over, and now you're mine
Fight if you want, you can't flee
Your fate is to be just one more prey
To become a part of me

Scarlet paced back and forth across the stage one last time, her belly swaying with each step. When she passed close to Hallie, her distended belly gave a visible wiggle, a clear sign of something moving inside.

As the song ended, the smokescreen intensified. Scarlet turned and started walking back, away from the audience, her belly still clearly visible. She turned her shoulders to look back, giving the audience a wink before the spotlights shut off. She was gone.

"Thanks for coming to the show, everyone!" The booming announcer's voice came on over the venue speakers. "We've got t-shirts and CDs available at the table behind you! We hope to see you all again!"

Hallie stared at the stage as the other band members started to leave.

"That was amazing!" Came a voice to her left. "Scarlet's best show yet!"

Hallie turned to look at the feline. "I... what just happened?"

The feline, looking a little tipsy, turned towards Hallie. "Ah, is this your first Scarlet show? She always does stuff like this. It's awesome, right? I mean, I know that it's some kind of special effect and that they use plants in the audience, but it makes her give off such a 'predator' vibe!"

"But..." Hallie was dumbfounded. "But it wasn't a plant. That was my friend -- it was her first time here, too!"

"Oh, wow!" The feline grinned. "Are you part of the show, too? They really go all out!"

Hallie was about to snap back at the feline when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see one a large wolf, one of the security guards at the venue.

"Miss," he said, "Scarlet would like to meet with you backstage."

"Oh, um... yeah." Okay, this made sense. The singer was probably going to explain to Hallie how this had been done -- it would probably turn out that Lyla was in on it and this was all some elaborate prank.

The security guard brought Hallie to a quiet backstage hallway. He pointed to a door. "In here."


Hallie pushed the door open and entered.

The room was a stereotypical dressing room. Props and bits of costume hung over the edge of tables and littered the floor. The star in question sat at a mirror, grooming her feathers, wearing a robe that hung open in the front.

It had to hang open, because Hallie could see that her belly was still enormous.

"Oh, hello!" Scarlet spun in her chair when she heard Hallie enter. "I'm Scarlet, though I'm sure you already knew that. What's your name?"

Her voice was just as enchanting as it had been on the stage. Hallie heard herself stutter as she answered. "I'm H-Hallie."

"Nice to meet you, Hallie. My coworkers out on the floor told me that you seemed a bit agitated after the show. I care deeply about my fans. Is everything alright?"

"Um..." Hallie stared at Scarlet's stomach. She saw the huge bulge squirm, and she thought she heard a muffled voice come from inside. "My... my friend..."

"Oh!" Scarlet's tone filled with sudden understanding. She placed her hands on her belly. "This one was your friend?"

Was her friend? "Um... yes? What... where is she?"

"Where does it look like she is?" Scarlet said. "In my stomach, of course!"

Hallie shook her head. It couldn't be. What she had scene on that stage simply couldn't be the truth. "But... but how...?"

"I'm sorry if I scared you," Scarlet continued. "You must be immune to my voice."

"What?" What did that have to do with anything? What did that even mean!? "Your voice... your voice is beautiful," Hallie admitted. "But I don't see..."

"Yes, but it doesn't effect you quite like it does most others," Scarlet said. "Most are completely enthralled by it, but you're just a bit confused. Otherwise you would have wandered out of here and not really thought about what happened to your friend until far later. You probably would have never connected her disappearance with visiting my concert."

"B-but..." Hallie's brow furrowed. Scarlet's voice seemed to be searing into brain like a cattle brand, and she was having trouble focusing. "You mean that... that she's just..." She looked at the bulging stomach. "You aren't going to let her go?"

"No, I'm not," Scarlet said. "Your friend gave herself to me. She's mine now."

"Then I have to just... forget about her?"

"No, of course not," Scarlet said, and the air in the room suddenly felt chill. The singer stood up and stepped toward Hallie, reaching out with one wing to enfold the mouse and pull her close. "I expect that you won't be able to forget what you saw here, and once the effect my voice wears off, you'll probably go looking for help. And I can't have that."

Scarlet licked her beak.

"No, I don't expect you to forget your friend. I expect you to join her."

Scarlet leaned back in her chair as she gulped down the mouse's feet. It had been so long since she had had a real squirmer like this. Sure, the girls who threw themselves down her throat on the stage were nice, but there was also a certain attraction to prey that screamed and fought the whole way down, too.

Scarlet released a small burp, followed by a giggle and covering her mouth with one hand. She ran her feathery fingers across her now huge, active gut.

"I hope you two enjoyed the show," she said. "I certainly did."

With a smile, she propped her feet up on the counter in front of the mirror and relaxed, ready to rest for a while and let her stomach get started on digesting her meal.

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