Next in Line by rabbitinafoxden

Next in Line


13 January 2019 at 07:33:46 MST

Originally posted on FA on Jul 6th, 2016 06:29 PM

A story about a pred with an unusual way to hold on to their prey.

Becky groaned and squirmed as the hot flesh flexed around her. Her fur was completely soaked, and it was unbearably hot. And she wasn't even in the stomach... yet.

She still couldn't believe this was happening. It was just a few hours ago that she and her other rabbit friends had been out for a fun night on the town. They had wanted to do some thing crazy, so they had pooled their money to go visit a high-end club. Just being there had made them feel like celebrities, so when a club employee had approached their group and told them that they had been invited to join one of the club patrons in their private, VIP booth, they had decided to go for it, even though they weren't sure exactly why.

So the six female rabbits had piled into the booth to be greeted by the VIP patron, who turned out to be a rather large tigress. She was easily twice as tall as the tallest of Becky's friends, and there was something about the predatory look in her eye that had made Becky nervous. But they were all a little tipsy by that point, so they had stayed to see what the tigress wanted.

It turned out she wanted dinner.

Becky could still vividly see the scene when she closed her eyes. The tigress had pulled their friend Ivy into her lap and had started stripping off her clothes. The other girls had just watched, dumbstruck, wondering just how far the tigress was planning on going with the rest of them watching. Then she had opened her great muzzle wide and shoved Ivy's head inside. The relatively small rabbit had been slurped up quickly, in spite of all her attempts to struggle. She had barely made a bulge in the tigress' stomach.

Becky had tried the door. It had already been locked.

She could only watch as the tigress gave her other four friends the same treatment, stripping them and then swallowing them down, some feet first, some head first, and one squeezed into a ball and sent down in one great gulp.

By the time she had turned her attention on Becky, the tigress had a sizable gut, which squirmed and writhed with the struggles of five rabbits within it. Becky had thought that the tigress couldn't possibly have any more room in there.

She had sort of been right.

The tigress had picked Becky up and dangled her over her head before dropping her into her gullet. But though the tigress' stomach did, in fact, appear to be full, she hadn't had any intention of letting Becky go, either.

Which was why Becky now found herself lodged in the tigress' throat.

The waves of peristalsis continually massaged her body, trying to force her down into a belly that simply did not have room for her. Her arms were pinned to her sides, and her chin was in just the right position to be nestled on the back of the tigress' tongue, giving her a rather odd view of the inside of the predator's teeth.

Somehow, the tigress didn't choke or gag, even though Becky knew that her large ears had to be tickling the uvula. And judging by the hot breath constantly washing over her, the tigress was still somehow able to breath.

But Becky had still been surprised when the tigress had simply... continued her evening as though Becky were not there.

She had spent some time on the club's dance floor. Occasionally, when the tigress' mouth would part slightly, Becky could see the lights and the other patrons, though any attempts to scream were drowned out by the loud music. The tigress must have gotten some odd looks regarding her squirming, rabbit-filled belly, anyway, and obviously the other club patrons didn't care.

At one point, the tigress had cornered a rather drunk-looking wolf in one of the back hallways of the club and they had had a short but intense make-out session, giving Becky a rather odd front-row seat to two tongues intertwining. She wasn't sure the wolf had even noticed Becky was in there, even though the long tongue had flicked her nose at one point.

Then the tigress had gone home and continued her evening as normal. She had showered (at one point gargling water, which Becky was forced to swallow, lest she drown), brushed her teeth, changed into pajamas. Now she had sat down to watch a movie, which Becky could catch glimpses of when the tigress laughed or yawned.

And the worst part of all of this wasn't the tight, slimy throat around her, or the heat, or even the fact that the tigress seemed to care so little about her presence. The worst part of this had been her feet.

Throughout the entire evening, Becky's feet had been wedged against the tigress' full stomach, which meant her toes were pressed into fur that she knew belonged to her friends. They squirmed and struggled, occasionally causing Becky to lose her footing for a second, but the stomach was so full that she always found it again.

She knew that the tigress' stomach was hard at work digesting her friends. She could feel every moment of it through her feet, as her friends' struggles slowly became weaker and weaker.

And she also knew that when her friends were no longer solid enough to keep her wedged in the tigress' throat, she would be pushed down into that slurry to join them. She didn't know how many more hours -- or even days -- that would take, but she knew it was going to happen eventually.

After all, the tigress seemed awfully patient.

Becky whimpered, and the tigress chuckled. Becky wasn't sure if it was at her or the movie.